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It didn't work out too well for me when I tried that example on my Ultrasone phones though ;) The pleather pads always got harder and harder over time thus degrading sound performance. The real leather pads (from Ultrasone's Edition series) are fine and still comfortable even after a much longer time.
I even tried treating the pleather pads with various things (I had several pairs of pads) starting with a wet cloth up to special automotive products, nothing really helped.

As long as price is no concern I'd always go for real leather.

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IMO, the real answer to this question is the third option: Velour.

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I can buy this argument, provided there's quality in production as the OP noted.

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Originally Posted by devouringone3 View Post

Maybe you should ask innerspaceboy ! :P he likes to use a "slightly damn cloth"!


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But what about sound quality?
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May depend on the headphones you're using.


With my closed HFI 780s, fresh pleather pads were absolutely fine. Old pleather pads though weren't only far less comfortable, they also changed the sound and made it worse (presumably because the seal wasn't as good anymore).

Velour pads didn't fit my cans at all and sounded really bad. They're rather bass-heavy but with velour they lost all of it and sounded almost like Senns.

Only the real leather pads have been working for years now and kept their comfort and sound quality level. They were really expensive, no doubt, but they were absolutely worth it.

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I'm not in a position to comment on pleather vs leather but I do know I've been disappointed with the (probably v. cheap) pleather on some Sennheisers.


This is what's happened to my HD497. Obviously they're a few years old. However, they've actually seen little use, been kept out of direct sunlight and wiped after use. They haven't been kept sealed and it's not humid here. As I said, disappointing, especially the headband.






The minimal padding on my PX100 is splitting in the same way. If I really wanted too, I supposed I could replace the pads but obviously that's not an option for headband padding.



Sennheiser, I expected better.

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What myth? Pleather used on earpads is nearly always the low grade stuff and will eventually flake or crack.

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Originally Posted by Xanatos View Post

What myth? Pleather used on earpads is nearly always the low grade stuff and will eventually flake or crack.


Did you actually read OP's post?



To answer the question is leather more durable than pleather? No, pleather is more durable, if manufacturers follow the correct manufacturing of pleather that is.
To cut costs, manufacturer sometimes skips on "cloth lining" manufacturing and simply paints the "pleather" coating over the foam.
Example of these are the Sony's MDR-V6/MDR-7506 ear pads, pleather is simply pressed into the foam, which in time will flake and crumble like bread. On the otherhand, Sony's XB series has the pleather sewn onto the cloth lining which will make it durable. Manufacturing process is the problem.


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I have both. I like both. Engineering wise, pleather is the obvious choice.

Unfortuanetely it feels like... plastic. Smells like it too.

Leather is sexy, and sexy sells. wink.gif

Free lesson was free.
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What a bump...


So this is the wrong way to do pleather?



As much as it looks like one, it's not a croissant.

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I hate to say it because we are sliding into the yucky area.


But unfortunately every human being has a different consistency of sweat and skin oils. Some are more aggressive towards pleather than others. For the headband it also is very important besides sweat what kind of hair products you use and hence expose to the headband.


That also explains why some people can use the same headphone for years and others not so long without them dissolving ;-)


hope that helps,


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LOL-The classic Sony cup material is not pleather ( I did not read the comments above - sorry if it has been mentioned)

BTW - It looks absurd even Sennheiser uses a similar material again absurd looking :P

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Hi there. I'm new here and I stumbled upon this thread as I was searching for pleather and leather comparisons.


My M50 suffered from flaking as well. The earpads have also become brittle, at least the part that comes into contact with my skin. I've had this pair for more than 2 years.


Pics: http://oi43.tinypic.com/2ldyfmb.jpg



My account can't post pics yet so I just put links to the images. 


Thanks to this thread for helping me understand the difference between leather and pleather. :bigsmile_face:


PS: Please don't hate on me for not properly taking care of my headphones. My brother was secretly using them and didn't wipe the cans clean after using them. :(

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Does anyone have experience taking care of the DENON D7000 pads? what are they made of?


I have a pair about a year old, that I hardly ever use that sits in the box on the shelf. But I want it to stay new looking.

My old pair (Sony CD3000) also sat in the box for many years (rarely used until I sold them), but the pads disintegrated on their own - just from time.


Does it help or hurt to put them in plastic bag? or take them out of the box (less friction?) etc...



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