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Originally Posted by jasonb View Post

has anybody heard these and the CKM-500? sometimes i just feel the ckm has to much bass. 

Haven't tried the CKM-500 but imo, the R-50 will never have too much bass :)


Edit: The R-50's bass amount is just right for me, great balance with mid and treble. But some who came from the warmer side (e.g. Sennheiser, Westone) might find the R-50s have too little bass at first. 

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Originally Posted by azuredreamz View Post

Haven't tried the CKM-500 but imo, the R-50 will never have too much bass :)


Edit: The R-50's bass amount is just right for me, great balance with mid and treble. But some who came from the warmer side (e.g. Sennheiser, Westone) might find the R-50s have too little bass at first. 

i don't want something as bass light as an etymotic though either. i'd like the ckm-500 with like 2-3db less bass.


Edit: i'd also like more isolation, the CKM-500 is vented so it doesn't isolate all that well at low volume. it appears the R-50 is sealed and may insert deeper. i also still want big soundstage but from people's comments i dont think there is a problem in that department either. i may just try them, and if i dont like them i'm sure i could resell them for only a few bucks less than new.


also, are they sensitive? i'll be using an iPhone 4 un-amped as my source.

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You can get good quality and decent amount of bass if you don't mind the Comply foam tips (I prefer the wax guard version though), which is not included.


If you can go with R-50's sound signature, other things you mentioned seems not to be a problem. R50s could be driven properly through my Sony Arc S.

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I think I have to agree with everyone that have been raving about the r-50s. At first it seemed like there was no bass and the highs were piercing. Turned out the double flange tips that came with my gr07s don't work well with the r-50s. I'm using some sony hybrids and I have to say I'm completely amazed at the sound for $120. Some experimentation is definitely needed to get them to sound right, I had a similar experience with the GR07 and tips and so I have definitely learnt the importance of a good seal!


I'm not a big fan of treble so I'm still kinda iffy if I can handle the sound. But I must say the highs are definitely not excessive, I'm just used to more recessed highs with my hd650s and gr07s. So far they're not fatiguing... The mids are crystal clear and smooth, giving the music a very transparent sound. The bass is just less than the gr07s, but it's very sufficient and clean. I would actually consider these a balanced sounding headphone leaning slightly towards analytical. Overall the tone is slightly thin coming from fuller sounding cans, but it's so minimal I can't call it a fault. 


The sound stage is very similar to the gr07s in width and depth. However the presentation is far better than the gr07s. Where the R-50 is better is in imaging. Everything is so precise and defined its incredible. The gr07s were a little fuzzy in comparison. This difference gives the impression of looking at the recording studio through a newly cleaned piece of glass.  


I'm surprised these iems are not more popular considering their sound quality and more balanced sound compared to some other BA's. At this price point it represents an incredible value. 

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Ppl, how does the R-50 per4form with an amp.. say, FIIO E11?

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Originally Posted by Prashanth R View Post

Ppl, how does the R-50 per4form with an amp.. say, FIIO E11?


They sound nice amp'ed like all other good IEM's.  I use a E6 and it gives them that extra bit of bass along with a little more energy.

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Originally Posted by Techno Kid View Post


They sound nice amp'ed like all other good IEM's.  I use a E6 and it gives them that extra bit of bass along with a little more energy.


In that case....

E11, here i come!!!!

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Here is my review on the audio quality of the Rockit Sounds R-50.


Besides the headphones/IEMs, from my experience audio quality is also affected by the following conditions, which I list in order of impact:

1) Equalization.  This is a must for me with enough equalizer bands to be able to tailor the sound to what my ears desire.  31 bands or more is the ideal.  So, PMPs with 5 or 7 EQ bands do not qualify for me.

2) Quality of recording.  This is also a must, in order to have a good audio quality.  Nowadays there should be no CDs with low audio quality, but they still exist and there is not much that I can do about this.

3) Amplification.  Not for louder sound, but for richer sound.  Sound is richer with an amplifier not only with headphones, but also with IEMs.


My audio setup consists of the following:

1) My desktop PC using foobar2000.  This program has an 18 band equalizer and an added 31 band equalizer plugin that has exactly the same frequencies that are included in analog equalizers used for live sound.  This renders a total of 49 bands.  If I only count once the bands that are present (repeated) in both EQs, there is a total of 45 bands available to tailor the sound, ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. (20 kHz).

2) WAV lossless files.
3) E-MU 0202 USB audio interface (24-bit/192 kHz DAC) with Kernel Streaming drivers.

Sound Preference

I like a lot of bass with more deep bass than mid bass.  I thirst (or hunger?) for bass rumble (subwoofer type) and bass punch.  At the same time, bass spilling over the middle and high frequencies (muddy sound) making them muffled or veiled is unacceptable, even in small amounts.  Mids that are neither forward, nor recessed are the best for me.  Boxy (cave like, coming from a bottle) sounding mids, are unacceptable.  There is a minimum of mids sharpness (like in a TV screen sharpness) or detail that my ears ask for.  After that level, more detail is good but it does not add much value to the sound experience.  A good treble decay is appreciated by my ears.  The bigger the soundstage, the better the sound.


I equalize my R-50 with what looks like a cup cake equalization.  The mid frequencies are flat (from 200 Hz to 3.15 kHz).  The bass frequencies are raised with a constant upward slope (upward straight line) starting at 160 Hz down to 20 Hz. The high frequencies are also raised with a constant upward slope (upward straight line) starting at 3.5 kHz up to 20 kHz.  How does this sound to my ears?

1)  BASS

The good:  Even though they are not overabundant, there is a good amount of both deep bass and mid bass and their quality is excellent.  The bass that is there is just exquisite.  The bass placement is excellent with a perfect balance between deep bass and mid bass.

The not so good:  No subwoofer bass here.  Bass going deeper in the frequency spectrum would be an improvement.  Extending the bass (not moving it, but expanding it) to the left (deeper bass) in the frequency spectrum and making the mid bass a little more responsive when asked for by the equalizer, would be a nice improvemet.

Bass enjoyment rating:  8.0 out of 10.

2)  MIDS

The good:  Mids placement is perfect.  They are neither forward, nor recessed.  The tonality is also perfect.  They sound airy and natural.  Mids sharpness (like in a TV picture sharpness) or detail, is excellent.

The not so good:  With many recordings, the middle frequencies lack a little body; that is, the notes lean toward being thin on the lower middle frequencies.  This is due to the limited amount of bass.  But, I address this issue here because the effect is heard in the middle frequencies.

Mids enjoyment rating: 9.4 out of 10.


The good:  There is a large amount of treble.  This is especially important with tracks that do not have a good amount of treble from their recording.  Treble is perfectly placed, is fluid and sounds natural.  The treble frequencies that cause fatigue and make the treble sound piercing (<6 kHz) when there is an abundance of them, are restrained to just the right amount as compared to those frequencies (around 10 kHz) that make the treble sweet.

The not so good:  If treble decay (ssssshhhh) were a little longer, the treble would be perfect.

Treble enjoyment rating:  9.7 out of 10.


The good:  Imaging is very good and coherent.  Nothing sounds out of place, like too forward or too recessed, or too far to the right or the left.  Separation is also very good with no part of the sound rubbing against any other part of the sound.  Soundstage is excellent with an appreciable sense of width, height and depth.

The not so good:  My ears ask if there could be a greater sense of spaciousness from the R-50.  They do not let me tell them that these are IEMs and not headphones, and that is too much to ask from IEMs.

Imaging, separation and soundstage enjoyment rating:  9.5 out of 10.


5)  OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  Let’s add all the ratings so far and divide by the number of them to get the overall enjoyment.  That would be (8.0+9.4+9.7+9.5)/4 = 9.15

6)  COMPLEMENTARY REMARKS:  The large amount of good quality treble and the easily attainable good sound quality on the R-50 (with just a cup cake equalization), allow for these IEMs to sound acceptable with recordings that have sound quality flaws in the treble and mid range frequencies.  This should also make them work well with sources that have a limited amount of equalization capacity, such as PMPs or cell phones.


My R-50 sound quality is noticeably improved with amplification.  Still, amplification has a greater impact on sound quality with other more bass capable headphones/IEMs.

Music with electronic drum machines (EDM), such as trance and the like, doesn't give me a satisfactory bass impact through the R-50.  Their bass impact is far below from what I want when listening to EDM music.  For everything else, the R-50 are top performers!

When you come from IEMs that have a fuller sound or a bigger sound room than the R-50, you feel like the sound of the R-50 is underdeveloped.  It is like driving a four wheel drive vehicle with a 4.0 liter engine and switching to a smaller car with a 1.6 liter engine.  At first, there is the feeling that the smaller car has a weak engine.  After some time driving it, then the driver gets used to the smaller engine power and realizes that it is more than enough to make the smaller car accelerate quickly and develop good speed.  That happens to me all the time when using a bass heavy IEM that has a bigger sound room and switching to the R-50.  The sound is really disappointing right after switching IEMs.  It stays like that for about one hour.  After then, my ears get used to it and the high quality of the R-50's sound is felt and greatly enjoyed.


If someone is wondering if my sound setup could make any headphones/IEMs sound good to me, other headphones overall ratings would make things clear on that matter.  Here they are:

GRADO SR80: 8.5; Technics RP-DH1200: 7.3; Philips SHE9500: 7.3.


Over the ear IEMs will never be as comfortable as straight down style IEMs.  Fortunately, the R-50 can be worn in a straight down position.  To do so effectively and comfortably, I wear the right earphone on my left ear and the left earphone on my right ear.  This way, the earphone-ear ergonomics work as intended by the designer(s).


UPDATE (December 1, 2012):  Beware of the fact that the R-50 do not have enough bass, for bass lovers.  I am one of them, and the R-50 are like dessert to me.  I can only eat so much of it, but I want some of it.

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Nice review Alberto. I'm glad to see that you ended up liking them, so it seems at least. If I may ask what type of tips did you end using or preferring?

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I love my R-50!


When I got them, the largest of the stock tips worked the best for me.  Later on, another Head-Fier very kindly offered me to give me a pair of the etymotic triple flanged tips.  When I got them, I tried them right away.  With those, the sound was tiny and distant to such extent that I thought that I must have done something wrong when changing tips or placing them in my ears.  I checked to make sure that I had placed them correctly on the housings and then in my ears, and it seemed that I had done so.  So, I went back to the stock tips with which I have had a good seal from the beginning.  Does it make sense for those triple flanged tips to sound like that with some people or is it obvious that I did something wrong when trying them?


I have not tried any other tips so far.  I should try other tips and there are other tips on their way.  I will let you know how those work when I try them. 

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as far as tips go i've found the comply p series works spectacularly, a little more expensive but definitely worth it for the comfort and isolation

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Give me a link to see which comply p series tips you are referring to.


If I have always used the large tips that come with IEMs, which comply p series tip should I get?

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I would probably go for the medium ones if you normally use the large silicone tips, (the large are gigantic).  However the safest bet might be to get the pack with one of all three sizes so you can experiment a little bit

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Also Alberto when you order use the code 20offComply for 20% off you order.

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Well damn, wish I had known about that when I ordered mine! rolleyes.gif
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