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Rockit Sounds R-50 Reviews and Impressions

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This is my first more in depth review so please be gentle.



Rockit Sounds Dual BA The R-50





Price - $119.99

Driver Unit - Knowles TWFK dual BA

Impedance - 31ohms, 110dB @ 1kHz

Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz


Accessories - Now they don't have one of the most accessory packed sets really its quite small.  You get 3 sets of S,M,L tips which might present some people to have fit issues but for me the stocks ones that were on them work great.  You also get a nice little round case and a airline adapter, so theres not much to talk about here.



Build Quality - I think the build quality is pretty good for a small company.  The IEM housing seem built well and the rubber thats over it seem like it would protect it from cracking or braking.  I really like the braided cord and its has a small amount of stretch to it though it can get tangled from time to time but its not to bad.  The Y connection imo is one of the best I've come across as its very forgiving and has a strain relief on both ends.  I wish they had a L shaped jack but the straight one the use is still very good and for $119.99 I'm not complaining.



Fit - As for the fit they're very good, easy to put in and I get a good seal with the stock tips (made with non-allergic silicone).  Comfort is A+ I don't feel them after a few mins and the memory wire they use its much better then say the TF10's.  Another effect from the rubber around the housing is that it adds to the comfort so you don't have the hard plastic in your ear.



Sound - Now for the real reason you by IEM's, the sound.  



Treble - The R-50 has some of the best all around highs I've heard from IEM's.  What I mean by that is they have wonderful detail and extend as good as any of my other IEM's but they're still very smooth and non fatiguing.  They can be bright when the track calls for it but they still retain that smooth over all feel.  Compared to the treble on my PFE 112 the R-50 has the same amount of micro detail but on tracks that have bright treble it doesn't get sibilant like the PFE can.  



Mids - The mids are very clear and also have great detail.  They're not really forward or even a little recessed but centered perfectly and vocal sound where they should while being crystal clear and they sound very natural.  For music like edm they mid range melodies and synths sound very good as well.  Now comparing the R-50's mids to some of my mid centric like the SE425 or e-Q7 they have all the detail but you can hear everything else very clearly and not being dominated by the mids like mid-centrics can do. 



Bass - As for the bass this is one of my favorite parts (along with soundstage).  For a BA and quite a small one at that the bass has a good amount of punch for the 4/4 kicks in edm and it really can go pretty deep, also has just the right amount of mid bass to.  I love the texture and the decay is really good for a BA so bass heavy music like edm and hip hop work well with the R-50. Now they're not bass monsters by means but have plenty if your not a bass head.  Another comparison this time with the TF10's which have a good amount of bass for a BA the R-50 stacks up really good.  While they don't have the same quantity of the UE's I think the R-50 has better quality like in the sub an mid bass, its just an over all cleaner sound imo (I do use a bit of bass boost whether with an amp or by EQ'ing).  



Soundstage - This is one of the places where the R-50 shines imo.  While it might not be the largest soundstage out there its defiantly still on the larger side.  The width is excellent and I get a good since of depth all so, I'd say width is as good as the GR07 but with better depth.  I'm not to good at judging height so I can't speak on that.  They also have a nice 3D presentation and I'd say its as good or better than the EPH-100.  Separation and Imaging is another strong suit of the R-50.  I can make out ever little nuance of a track and hear where everything is coming from.  I don't think I have a pair thats better and of the more expensive IEM's I've heard theres not one that just kills theses either.  Between these and the TF10's which also have a large soundstage the I'd say the TF10 is a little wider but the R-50 has better separation and imaging imo.



Conclusion - For the $119.99 these go for I think they're easily one of the best bang for bucks around, I can't think of any that would sound much better at their price point.  With a very detailed sound as you'd expect with a good TWFK based IEM it does it in a smoother way than most and I've had mine in now for almost 4 hours which is hard to do with really bright analytical IEM's imo.  All in all these are fantastic and I hope more people give them a try, like the ones who have another TWFK IEM and these would be a great compliment to those.  Also if you like the analytical sound but would like it to have a little bit of a warmer presentation the R-50 is perfect.  So I'm sold and looking forward to what Rockit Sounds might have in-store sometime in the future.



Not a super long review but I think I got the meat of it down, I truly think these are a set to checkout.  


If anyone gets a pair of R-50's or any of the other IEM's from Rockit Sounds please lets us know what you think of them in this thread.

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Are the B2s crossed over?  I forgot if they were or not.  These are though.

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The R-20 and R-30 are both single BA's at $40 and $70 I might get the R-20 just to see if they sound somewhat good but the R-50 has to be a re-brand.

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interesting price, might be some sleeper iem waiting headfi'ers to discover

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I don't think they look like B2/DBA-02, but they're certainly tiny so they'll look alike some tiny models.


I like the style, colors, the presentation of these.

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twfk has a built in highpass filter for the tweeter.

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Interesting, and at a pretty good price too. It should be affordable enough to be worth the risk for some people; even if it doesn't end up being all that great, you can easily just extract the drivers out and reshell them with a driver upgrade. Chances are, at that size, it also uses the TWFK. Well, or GQ, perhaps, which may give reshelling w/upgrades some possible problems.


But no, it doesn't resemble the DBA-02/B2 OEM design, even with a different outer shell.


It's also possible that these use a Sonion 4400 (Sonion's version of the the TWFK). We should know a little more if we ask about the tech specs. Chances are, a company like Rock It Sounds can only quote the OEM's measurements, so we can gain pretty good insight into how it performs.


P.S. Their other models are intriguing as well; the R-20 looks like a Knowles SR 'Siren' driver inside, sold at $39! The R-30 should be a single BA, which is also a decent price too.

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I was thinking of getting the R-20 just to see how they sound and a single BA for $40 isn't bad at all.  I think for the R-50 they use the TWFK and I'm also willing to bet its sound signature is close to what the DBA-02/B2 sound like as well.  I think I'll get the R-20 next week and let everyone know what they sound like.



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I decided to grab an R-11 as a sports/exercise in-ears. No specs on the sight but intriguing. $25, over the ear which is good for exercise/moving around a lot. They look like they are trying to do some double layer isolation thing with the orange cap in front. Cheapest dynamic I've seen with a braided cable. They do look sporty as well with the orange/black scheme. Like the eco-friendly packaging option and that they take Paypal. No tax and free shipping so the total was $24.99. Only thing left is to see if the SQ is better like they claim...


Our Mission


To provide headphones that offers the clearest sounds possible to our customers at affordable prices and great service support.


How do we compare to other brands?


Our headphones comes with a character on its own. From the entry level R-10 to the top of the line R-50, these are nothing short of their German or Japanese branded competition but are designed to not only on audio quality but give a correct fit to fully bring out the audio quality, wearing comfort & still provide an individualistic appearance unlike any other.


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Got my R-11 today. Didn't put any stock in the DBA-02 relation but the R-11 have the same cable as the DBA-02 in all black so they might just have one.




They come with a fairly standard clamshell zip case, S/M/L silicone tips, S/M/L orange ergonomic fitting gels, and while the package does say an airline adapter it wasn't in there. Shipping was fast from TN to NY. Yumi was in touch by eamil to let me know they would be shipping and wanted to know how I found out about them. Seems like there will be some good customer service if need be.


They look sweet and sound good out of the box. A bit thick sounding out of the box but good. Sounds like they need to burn in and clear up. The only two things I don't like about them are the driver flex is a bit annoying and I don't like the metal screen that much. They are not metal mesh but solid metal sheeting with the little holes stamped through. if they never adequately clear up I know the culprit. The inner ring(looks gray in the pic) with the screen behind it looks separate and that it can be removed. Another interesting thing is that the gels lock on to a second ring/notch so you have an option to just use tips and go to the second notch. Might come in handy for bi-flanges and such. Some versatility.


Sound impressions to come.


Right now they seem like a nice little phone for $24.99. With the design and very light and supple cable that runs over the ear, they will surely make a good active phone. Might just be able to move into the Mee M6 slot for the people who like the M6 for what it brings.

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How's that silicone sleeve that fits on the housings? Does it help with the fit? And how's the build quality?

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It may or may not help with fit depending on user. I think it is there to provide an extra layer of isolation and some stability. Might force them to a more shallow fit as well which they seem to perform better at.


The build is good. Solid plastics. The cable is nice. Same as the DBA with the straight plug. The little gel rings are L and R specific with identifiers(L and R and Medium etc. spelled out on each one). They have a notch they lock into so they don't spin around as well as the second groove that locks them onto the tube. The housings look like ABS and the reliefs coming out are hard rubber or silicone. A well thought out design. Well done ergonomically. You look at them and think that it is a very clever design and certainly seems good for active pursuits.


Oh yeah, the specs weren't on the site so here they are...


Driver: 10mm  Nd FeB Rare Earth Magnet

Imp: 16 ohm

Sens: 105db

F.R. : 20- 20,000Hz


Oh, and nozzle size is 5mm.

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I've been waiting on Rocky from RockItSounds to get back to me on what the specs are for the R-30 and R-50... That will hint at what they're using for the drivers. I'm going to assume that the R-50 is using a TWFK.

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I'm eagerly awaiting more impressions on the R-11, I've been searching for decent and cheap IEMs for gym use. The driver flex is a bit disappointing though.

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