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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Hmm, Brian at BTG didn't respond to my email this morning about ordering the recable. Hopefully he's just out getting an early start on the weekend.

Edit: I just checked his facebook page, and it looks like it is not uncommon for him to be backed-up on responding - I'll just have to be patient. I'm currently using my backup IEMs, my Shure SE215. I like the IEM, but I HATE the cables. I would like to find the guys at Shure & Westone that have decided that thick memory wire for earloops on very small and light IEMs is a good idea - and then punch them in the throat.

I could buy the Fiio replacement cable for the SE215 for $35 - and I might do that.

I also thinking of trying a couple of these newer affordable FOTM IEMs that have surfaced in the last couple of years.


Has anyone tried any of these? I'm always such a sucker for cheap audio gear - but when I really sit back and look at the gear that I have actually enjoyed the most, it's nearly always the stuff where I actually stepped-up and paid more to get more. Go figure...

that fiio cable is so stiff....... with pretty bad microphonics :( 

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Originally Posted by gikigill View Post

Too bad we can't get them here.

they didnt sell the 6 series in oz? 

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Maybe a few. I have seen the 8 series quite a few times in Melbourne.

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I traded quite a few emails with BTG. I have purchased his removable cable mod and I'm sending him the headphones. However, the budget cable can't be used for the removeable cable - I don't really understand why - but he wouldn't do it - he said it has the be the more expensive CIEM cable. So - I'm not getting a new cable from him yet. I want to see what I get back from him after the mod. It might be good enough as is, or I might get another cable - I'll have more options once they are turned into an RC.
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I heard GM had the new Z06 at the track, so we ran down to take a look at it. When we got there people were milling around it and a couple engineers were answering questions (and there were free hotdogs and sodas, I'm not joking) but you could immediately tell that it wasn't a track event as much as it was just an exhibit (boo!). When they finally said that they could take some people for "rides around the track" there was a mass exodus which left the GM reps baffled, then I explained to them that other manufacturers, like Ferrari and Porsche, just hand us the keys and let us have our way with their cars for an afternoon. At that they just stared at me in shock for several seconds.

"You mean they just let you go nuts with their cars, without even riding along?"
"Yep. Sometimes they even just leave them here and come back and get them that evening."
"That's crazy!"
"It may sound crazy, but they sure do sell a lot of them that way."
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