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Originally Posted by SP Wild View Post

I still have something like this...in needing of more work and time to get goin again.




Its got a single cylinder 2 stroke engine of 3.5 cc making around 2 HP at 40,000 RPM running on nitromethane...Top Fueller food.  Its crazy watching the flames belch out them exhausts.  It launches literally like a rocket off the line. This car, ladies and gentlemen, is the fastest car...in the world...


All wheel drive, with fully adjutable lockup rate diff in the rear, front, and center...this thing can scrabble like a scrabble player in The Scrabble World Championships, and yes such a thing does exist.  You can lock a diff by opening it and jamming blu tack into the gears....alternatively like most racers, you would use thick, gooey, silicone oil to allow for slip...the thicker the oil the less it slip...the thinner the more it slips, until its thin and it acts like a regular open diff.   Because the thing weighs nothing....this simple oil thickness trick works and works well with all diffs.  Shock oil is the same but much thinner and rated for different dampening levels......everything you can adjust on a real race car, this can as well and more than most.

I don't think I'll fit :/

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Originally Posted by gikigill View Post

What if the fuel you get is poisoning your water supply without your knowledge? Who would you go to in such a scenario and what would your proposed course of action would be ideal stop drinking water or stop heating and driving?

Your proposed solution is more anarchy than anything else and knowing mankind, we will end up killing ourselves, not the best solution and not evolutionary in its nature either.

Yup - the first few families would probably die. So would the next few families that tried to live in that area and drink that water. Eventually, people might figure out that drinking that water was not a good idea. They wouldn't live in that area or drink that water - or they would decide that getting the fuel from that source was less important than getting the water from that source.

What the people wouldn't do is expect someone else to "fix" the problem, while blindly believing that they can continue driving their cars and living wherever they want with no personal consequences. A little anarchy might be exactly what our species needs - before we evolve even farther into the Eloi & the Morlocks.

Here's a true story about the brilliant workings of our gov't...

Recently, the feds implemented a new program for Medicare reimbursement for oxygen therapy. The federal Medicare system is broken into 10 regions, with ~5 states per region. The new fed program is for "competitive bidding" within each region. Providers submitted bids to provide service in the region, and only a few providers would win the exclusive rights to provide service to medicare patients in that bidding area. Providers that do not win a spot have to either partner with one of the winners, or they are out of the oxygen business in that area.

OK - so, as you would expect, the bigger national providers are the only ones able to bid a low enough price to win a spot. So, the same companies were the winners in nearly all the regions that have completed their bid rounds. Region IV includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

So far, so good...

One of the really odd parts of Medicare is that although it is a Federal program, the individual states actually license the Medicare providers in their state. Apparently the Alabama state legislators were not happy that the local providers in their state didn't win any of the spots. I'm sure there was also lots of encouragement from lobbyists hired by the companies that didn't win a bid spot.

The result is that the Alabama legislature just passed a new law that requires companies seeking a medical device license to have a physical office in Alabama that is manned at least 30 hours a week, and has a phone number listed in the business section of the phone book and can be found by a caller that dials "411" for directory assistance for the location where the office is located. The rule specifically states that the local phone number must NOT be "primarily" a pager, cell phone, answering machine, answering service or a forwarded number, and the medical records for Medicare patients in Alabama must be available for inspection from within the Alabama location.

So, in order for the oxygen service provider to actually take advantage of wining the Federal bid, they now have to lease an office in Alabama and put an employee there 30 hours a week, and that employee needs to be available to answer the phone in case the Alabama inspectors want to drop by to inspect the medical records. They also need to have a network connection at the location with access to the patient records that are actually stored in a database on a server in a datacenter located thousands of miles away.

How stupid is this? The national oxygen service providers have been successfully servicing thousands of patients in Alabama for years without a physical location, but now, because Alabama is p!ssed off that a better business model is beating the inefficient local businesses, those national providers have to spend thousands of add'l dollars a month.

Alabama is actually not the only state with this rule - Tennessee, Hawaii and I think at least 1 or 2 states also do it. I happen to know that at least one of the national providers will only do cash sales in Hawaii because the population of medicare oxygen patients in Hawaii isn't enough to cover the high cost of an office there. How is that good for the patients requiring oxygen? It isn't. It's simply people with influence using our complicated laws and short-sighted gov't officials to perpetuate an inefficient system to benefit a small group at the detriment of the public.

This is similar to the situation that Tesla is fighting. The dinosaurs are trying to use lawyers to legislate that the mammals are being too successful...

And who the heck even uses "411" directory assistance anymore? rolleyes.giftongue.gif
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So we have dead people, zero property value for the remainder and more cost in relocation and purchasing costs of new property? What about contract law in this scenario?

I will probably have better luck
at my local casino then in your economic system.
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Yup - probably so. I never claimed my system was about saving lives or saving property values. My system strives for the long-term success of the species, not short-term comfort. All the contract law in the world is only as good as the two parties in the contract. It's actually false security and tends to fool people into entering into agreements that they do not truly understand. If the two parties *really* have a meeting of the minds, then the contract isn't needed. What we have done is try to outsource our personal responsibility to attorneys. But why? Why do the relationships between people need to become so complicated that we need dedicated and highly educated professionals to create, manage and terminate these relationships - and we *still* have huge battles that cost all parties millions of dollars and many years of time. If the legal teams were actually helping society, then once the contract had been established, everything should go very smoothly, right?

But hey, I'm willing to compromise - as a start, I would be satisfied if we create a hard rule that ALL laws and statutes must be written so that they fit on one side of an 8.5"x11" piece of paper, double-spaced, in 10 point Ariel font type. If the law won't fit - then it's too complicated and it needs to be rewritten and rescoped so that it will fit. I claim that if we did this, we really could have true democracy where the public understands what they vote for and there would be no need for the lawyer-politician class that currently has all levels of our government mired in the bureaucratic quagmire.

We need highly educated doctors to figure out how the human body works. We need highly educated engineers & scientists to figure out how the universe works. We only need highly educated attorneys because we need to them to figure out the very complicated laws and agreements that *they* create. Hmm...
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So you expect long term order from short term chaos.

If people are losing lives, it goes against your very ethos of survival of the species. Who knows, you might lose the next Oppenheimer or Von Braun due to lead poisoning.
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I saw Guardians of the Galaxy today - and I really liked it. An excellent combination of sci-fi, action and comedy. Funny without being corny. Chris Pratt was brilliant. This isn't a Marvel comic I am familiar with - in fact I had never heard of these characters before this movie. I saw the movie in 3D at one of the IMAX theaters. I think the last 3D movie I saw was Avatar - which made me swear off every seeing another 3D movie. But, I'm glad I saw this one in 3D & IMAX. The technology used in the movie was definitely awesome. The only bad thing I will say is that it sort of annoys me when it obvious that have added all sorts of little details just for the 3D - for example, little background vehicles and ships that are moving in 3D. Those are just distracting - especially on a really large screen. My eyes would focus on the little movement and I would miss the primary point of the scene. One BIG downside: the ticket price for 3D IMAX was $18. Good movie though!
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As Keynes says "In the long run we are all dead" :tongue: 

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He looks good for 51, even after 35 years of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Strangely, I've ran into Bret four times in my life; two times at fund raisers, once at a car auction, and once in an airport. It's just a weird thing. No, he's really not that "down to Earth" but seemed like a nice guy anyway.

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Just making sure we vet billybobs plans for world domination before he unleashes them on us 😊
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Every great upheaval had its naysayers. This is the longest anyone has ever actually paid any attention to my ideas, so I'm choosing to see this debate as a great step forward. 20 or 30 million more exchanges like this, and I'll be ready...

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I seem to be having some issues with my Fiio E10 DAC. I recently upgraded a lot of my music to 320K MP3, and ever since doing that, running the DAC at 24/96K seems to be causing some dropouts and stutters on playback. At first, I thought it was the new MP3 files themselves, but when I put my older 16/48K DAC in the chain, the problem goes away. I need to try reducing the Fiio E10 to 16/48K to see if that will work OK. I don't remember ever having this problem with 128K or 256K MP3 files. I think a couple of things could be happening:

- The Fiio E10 might have a problem consistently decoding the higher volume of bits in the 320K files at 24/96K.
- The laptop might have a problem consistently sending the higher volume of bits in the 320K files. This could be an issue with the CPU or the USB port. I doubt it's a hard drive issue - this laptop has an SSD. The CPU is only an I5, but I'm thinking the USB port would probably be the weak link.
- It could be a driver issue between 64 bit Win7 and the Fiio E10.
- The Fiio E10 could just be screwed-up.

I'm supposed to be getting a new laptop soon (hey, there has to be *some* perks to being the head of IT!!), so it will be interesting to see if the problem also occurs with the new laptop. I also just purchased another cheap 24/96K DAC out of the buy/sell forum, so I'll also be able to test with that.

If dialing back to 16/48K makes the problem go away, I'll probably just call it good - the mystique of 24/96K and higher doesn't really matter to me.
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Get the C5D, O2/ODAC or the Geek Out to replace the Fiio.
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Guys, just FYI, we don't do political discussion on Head-Fi, due to the arguments that result. 

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Originally Posted by gikigill View Post

Get the C5D, O2/ODAC or the Geek Out to replace the Fiio.

Wait, WAIT! I'm checking out things with portable DACs and amps and have found out some neat things, and one smoking-hot value (an inexpensive portable DAC/amp that will properly drive a modded T50 and just about everything else I've thrown at it).

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