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Burson ha-160 volume question

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I would like to know if the volume of the burson ha-160 has noise when you turn it at each click.  I've read that several users of the ha-160d hear static noises when turning their knob, is this the case of the ha-160? If so, does this damage your headphones?

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anyone at all have an answer?

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Not on mine.  It's just a stepped adjustment.  No noise.

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I just picked one up used.  I'm guessing the manufacture date was on the early side of 2010 (maybe earlier judging from dates on the box).  I get a light pop/ tick/ crackle- whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes it's a quick, light pop; other times it sounds like when you forget to lift the tonearm on your turntable after the album is done playing and the needle bounces off of the center label.  It's not really all that horrible- more of an annoyance than anything.  I can't believe it will damage my headphones.  I did notice that if I turn the volume slowly from one click to the next, the chances of there being one of those noises is much less.  I'm not sure if that's just coincidence or what because even if I turn the volume fast it's not 100% of the time I get the noise.



I was just reading another thread about it, and for me there is no noise if the volume is turned when no music is played.  The static only occurs when something is playing, which probably explains why it's seemingly random- it's probably program dependent. You can read all about it here:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/564443/burson-ha-160d-impressions-from-the-burson-loaner-program-at-headfonia/105#post_7724104

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Ah Burson, they look so pretty.

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I have a HA160D too and this problem only persists whenever I turn down the volume. The weird thing is that when i turn it up, there is no noise, click what so ever? .

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