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+1 on the Vmoda cable. Fits nicely, great cable and good price.
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I personally didn't like V-Moda cables for two facts, the kevlar reinforced rubs into clothes and two, the highs are 1dB or so muted with the V-Moda cable (gives a very warmish/lush sound when the headphone rather needs like 1dB boost in highs for a completely neutral tonal response).  I much preferred the monoprice bundled DJ 8323 cable over the V-Moda one as it's smooth and slippery so won't bother with clothes and it's not as warm sounding either. Also if you don't like Kevlar like me then you should also have a look at the Nuforce Transient cable. Those fits Q40 too and are said to be good.

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At last I had the possibility to check them. For that money, they're indeed great headphones - nice punchy bass (but for my liking it could use a bit more subbass) and surprisingly flat mids/highs (although there's a little spike somewhere, which can cause fatigue for some, but it's not drastic at all).


The problem is, that it's a second pair of headphones with the cable attached to only one shell, which causes imbalance to my ears (my second pair of DT770 has this same issue). It seems the more expensive ones (HD8 DJ) are better built in that department or I just need to use phones with cable attached to both shells (SRH1540, D600 etc.). But that can be only me, because the service of Beyerdynamic can't here the imbalance ;)


Anyway, Q40 are indeed a little jewel, which can easily compete with much more expensive headphones.

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