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iPod Classic 7G 240GB

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I'm buying an iPod Classic soon, but the 160GB seemed a bit close for me (I have 150GB of music I want to store on it).

That's why I have searched for alternatives, but nothing at all had bit perfect playback (Pure i20 dock with S/PDIF) for when I'm at home and a reasonable price.


I found that it's possible to upgrade the HDD to 240GB, I searched for that on eBay and I found an already modded iPod Classic 7G.

What surprised me is the price: 190€, here in Belgium an iPod Classic 160GB costs 259€ in the Apple Store.


The link: http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/110818054323


I'd really like a 240GB model, but I don't feel comfortable modding small devices, already had bad luck with an iPod Touch screen replacement.

So, do you think it's a scam (fake) or not?


Thanks in advance for your advice



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This is a pretty obvious Chinese knockoff.  Does Apple have spelling mistakes in its UI? "Sheffle songs."



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Maybe it's just a random screenshot they found to paste on this picture...

I really want this to be legit :P


What about the 99% positive feedback and 18 units sold?

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A lot of people are pretty gullible or are so ashamed of having fallen for something like this that they won't post a bad review.  Also notice that for most of the listings it says A pple instead of Apple.  This way they aren't claiming it's Apple.  Watch out.


The UI does look shopped though.  It's angled wrong.  

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Your ebay seller:



More obvious fakes.

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Originally Posted by louis12345 View Post

What about the 99% positive feedback and 18 units sold?

That can also be arranged ;-)


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Some of these might actually be refurbished ipods though.  But it is strange that they don't show real screenshots, and that some of the screenshots don't look to be the Apple UI.

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The cable and the earphones are close to always fakes on eBay, simply because fake Apple earbuds and cables cost nothing compared to the genuine ones.

The only genuine Apple accessories I buy are chargers, that's all. Don't want a house fire or a broken iThingy just for being a cheap ass ^^ 


Does Paypal offer any support when you receive a fake?

In the description they mention clearly it's an 'Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen', so they're supposed to sell genuine (modded) stuff.


I've read some feedback messages, they're all positive and from legit eBay accounts.



Apparently I can send messages to eBay users, I've just sent some messages to buyers of the iPod 240GB.

Hope this will answer my question ...

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I don't like that Sheffle either, and 148GB Free from some 240GB memory shouldn't show up like that. Besides, have you checked the price of genuine 240GB Toshiba ZIF HDD's on internet? Even if he sourced his spare parts from nearby factories, this just isn't possible.

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If he sells the original drive for a high price (genuine) and installs the drive above in it he could earn some nice cash, that's the only way it could be genuine...


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Those 240gb drives usually run for $160-180, his price on it is awfully low.  Wonder how you knock off something like a tiny hard drive...or perhaps it's real.  

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Well, those 240GB HDD's have come down in price, if those are real. Maybe because of the competition from SSD's.


I guess it's possible, a 5.5G new in spare parts without any HDD cost me around 100€, and in his location he could get much better prices, and wholesale discount. Not to mention lower labour costs for assembly. He wouldn't buy 7G's and mod them, no he'd buy all the spare parts wholesale.


Not a huge profit, but still decent. That doesn't mean I still don't like that faked UI shot. Still fishy, if you ask me.


And the 259€ Apple Stores want for their 160GB iPod? Well, now you know why Apple Inc. is rich.

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You want it to be genuine, but you know it's not. That said, eBay is pretty good, if you are insistent, about refunding you if you get fakes. That's how I have a pair of Pioneer HDJ-1000s and a pair of "Pioneer HDJ-1000s" but the eBay fakes were free, they refunded me and didn't require that I return the fake product.

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Interesting, the 240GB possibility I mean.

Any info around on how to get a bigger drive in the iPod Classic?

My 120GB one is full already.

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Hmm....I clicked on this thread thinking that Apple had released a new iPod with 240 GB. Ah well, it probably wouldn't have sounded any good anyways and only leaves 30 GB of headroom for new music. evil_smiley.gif

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