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For Sale: Sennheiser HD800

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Sennheiser HD800

Will Ship To: CONUS

Brand new Sennheiser HD800.  See pictures in album below.  Password is "headfi".  Price includes USPS priority shipping in the US.  Paypal gift or 3% extra.  Can ship to Canada at cost.  Not open to international buyers yet.


I did buy it second hand, but still unused, so I don't have the receipt, thus the significant discount.


Edit:  These will come to the buyer with NO headtime.  I bought these as a gift for my father, but in his infinite wisdom and thrift, suggested that he'll be happy if he can borrow my HD800 1 or 2 weeks a month, so for sale these go, as I will continue to use my own pair.


Edit 2: Serial # is 12747

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PM sent. Are these headphones still for sale?

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Also wondering if price of the headphones were negotiable?

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dang close ups of the HD800 look awesome!

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Still available?

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Price drop.  Hoping to sell these to fund an ATH-W3000ANV.  I think those are going to more closely match what I want in a headphone.

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Payment sent!

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Still available?

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Not available.  They are sold.  Thanks all for the interest!

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