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McIntosh C26 Pre-amp still available

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I'm the original owner of this vintage pre-amp from McIntosh in very good condition for $320.00. Buyer pays shipping.
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Mostly OT question: What exactly is a pre-amp and what's it for? What's the difference between a pre-amp, a power amp, an integrated amp and an AV receiver like mine (Onkyo TX-DS676)?

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Here is the VERY simple version:

Amplifier: takes a variable-level signal from a pre-amp and drives your speakers (or headphones).

Preamp: takes line-level signals from components and sends them to the amp as a variable-level signal (so you can adjust the volume). Most preamps allow you to hook up multiple line-level signals and switch between them.

Tuner: a component that receives radio broadcasts and outputs them as a line-level signal to a pre-amp.

OK, those are the components at their most basic... when you put them together:

Integrated amplifier: a single component that includs BOTH a preamp and an amplifier.

Reciever: a single component that contains a tuner, preamp, and amp.

AV receiver: truth is this could be anything LOL. But it is normal a receiver with some kind of "multi-channel" processor and outputs to drive 4 or more speakers.
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Neat, thanks. That should give me a decent basis so that I can do some more reading by myself. It's kind of hard to figure out what reviews are talking about sometimes when you don't even know what the basic purpose of the component is.
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