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i just wanted to mention how much i love this thing. it replaced a $1,500 urc mx-9000 and is only $400 with uhf. i love it. the programming is a stark contrast to urc. it was working in 20 minutes and works flawlessly here. the urc is really too smart for it's own good. the logitech is intuitive,easy to use and set up and just works. for only $400 with uhf or $249 without i think this thing is a modern wonder. replaced 11 remotes and can do 15. as always ymmv. i just wanted to say how much i like it. i have to warn though, the cheaper logitech remotes are mere toys. the only ones worth while are the "one",1100 and 900. i picked the 1100 because it was like the urc i was used to but not any kind of a pain in the butt to use/program.