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Need a comparison of ATH-CKS55 vs ATH-CKS77

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I've heard good things about the CKS77. This will be my first pair of nicer IEMs, so just the CKS55 will probably sound good to me. Is it worth paying the extra $50?

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i wana know as well about cks55 wink.gif

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i am interested to know too

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Me too lol

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The CKS55 are a detuned less refined version of the CKS77. You guys can take the filter out of the CKS55 to make them sound much more cleaner but forget getting a CKS55. The CKS77 is the way to go. No comparison as to which one is superior.. The driver in the CKS77 is a full grade above the CKS55. Even with filter out. Detail is lacking compared to the CKS77 with filter in. 


The CKS77 has better everything.. More clear, more defined, better tighter bass, bigger fuller sound.. Much much more refined and tuned..


Now I will say the CKS55 is a good price if you get them for $50 but again all that will happen if you get a CKS55 is your gonna want the CKS77. .SO go for the CKS77.


Just so you guys know. There is a vendor on ebay that is selling the CKS77 for $52. No box. I believe they are factory 2nds or refurbs but in any case. One of the guys that owns an original pair on the CKS77 thread ended up getting them from there and he just confirmed that they are real.. 

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What is a factory 2nd? Sounds tempting tongue_smile.gif

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Minor imperfections. A scratch when manufacturing them. The one that BGRoberts just got has a little tiny chip in it. But who cares when they are half price. $52 that is the cost of a CKS55.  He got small tips as extras but with no case that comes in the boxed version. .Search ebay I believe the seller is called Articlife or something like that.

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How about comparing these Audio Technica IEMs to models from Sony, JVC, Koss, and other brands that are similar in price. Comparing one Audio Technica IEM to another ATH one doesn't seem to give enough insight.



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I agree. I really want someone to compare the athcks55s with JBL J22 and the ATH cks 77s with the JBL J33. Since all are around the price range of each other...urgently need proper advice.

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A little late for this thread but I recently got the CKS55's and compared them to the JVC XX not mentioned here but a great 20 dollar iem. The jvc to start I have owned for years for portability. It has good extension at both ends, the highs are there but lack detail and definition. The mids get swallowed by the mid bass and overall sound muddy. Keep in mind this is after getting used to the 598's sig. When I first got them I thought they were fantastic, and for 20, for a bass head they are not bad. The CKS55 I picked up for 30 dollars total from amazon. Compared to the jvc the highs are more clear, the mids sound nice and forward, significantly less mid bass, more sub bass, tighter bass and an overall cleaner and more balanced sound. I have not owned them long enough to give them a proper review but in the near future I will send one on the way.
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After letting the cks55 grow on me for two weeks now they are not bad. Because of a portability issue of the hd598 I needed a headphone (ended up being an iem) for out of the home use. The jvc's well I ended up just not being able to handle the bass and needed a cheap "upgrade" the cks55 get the job done. They have good isolation 4 clicks on an iPod blocks out most background noise and are surprisingly comfortable for the design. They are advertised as solid bass and are just that. It doesn't roll off as far as I have noticed above 20hz and is elevated from there until the higher end of the mid bass but stays punchy and controlled. So far I gave not heard it bleed into the mids or interfere with the rest of the music. These hold their own weight in vocals. Keep in mind I got the hd598 mainly for vocals and acustic work so I tried to keep out as much bias as I could. Back to the cks55... As far as the mids I have no complaints for vocals but I wasn't wowed either. However I was surprised at their guitar and strings work. They did really bring out a nice texture. Colored but pleasant non the less. The highs... Eeeh I honestly don't know if I prefer bright highs or not just starting to feel it out but these didn't quite do it for me. They are definitely there and I honestly didn't realize I was missing anything until I put my 598's on so not quite fair there I suppose... The detail as well isn't bad but again nothing special. For the price I would say they are a solid all rounder. I like them better than the jvc, koss, and Sony at the price point that I have tried.
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I've been using the CKS55 for a day now, and left it on burn in for a few more hours.
Basically pretty dissappointed with how big the bass is, this was my first AT IEM, it was either this or the much cheaper CK323/313, the earbud style C505, or the sport oriented Sonic Fuel CKJ5.
I was beginning to think I may have been better off buying the 323 instead (I haven't by the way).
After a few hours of listening, I just decided to EQ it on my little Walkman, reduce the bass and bring the vocals forward. THEN to me it sounded excellent, great mids, treble that doesn't distort and complimentary bass that sounds boomy but not overpowering. It still sounds just a tad bit muddy though. 
I haven't removed the filter on it yet though.


That's my experience with the CKS55 and my first AT IEM.

To see what other sets I have just look in my profile.

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I like bass but for some reason the cks55 sound so muddy. Bass is way to over powered. I wanted something that sounded a bit more open like the apple earbuds. If the the treble and mids were more foward and clearer the cks55 woulf of been so much better. For now I am a bit dissapointed

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