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Cardas headphone cable at CES - Page 2

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I ordered from my local dealer, who acted as if they knew all about it. In fact, when they checked they discovered it is not yet available. However, when the Cardas cable is released I will certainly be ordering one.

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I saw and touched this cable at CES.I did not get to listen however.I did get to compare it with a Clou Red Jaspis in terms of asthetics and ergonomics.The Stereophile room had a set of HD600 with the clou,provided by Headroom.The Cardas is MUCH less stiff than the clou and seems to attach more securely at the phone end of the cable.The Plug on the end of the Cardas is very large however and the whole cord feels and looks indestructible.This all means nothing of course if does not sound good.I too am waiting for a Cardas.
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Tuberoller, any chance that you might be selling these also?
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That's the plan.I truly hope it works out,but they don't have any ready yet.The good news is that they are not in that big a demand yet so I should be able to get them soon.The bad news is Cardas does not allow discounted internet sales.When I get them I can only take phone orders.
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I'll have a couple of pre-production prototypes of the Cardas HD-580/600 cable next week. Cardas kindly gave me the scoop and the opportunity to be the first to give them an extended listen and review.

Of all the headphone-related products to come, I have to admit that the Cardas HD-580/600 cable is among the ones I've been most anticipating. That Cardas is entering this market has to be seen as something of a significant statement about headphone hi-fi.
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Tuberoller, were they the same length as the Clous?

PM me when you get them in.

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Jude, I must agree, that CARDAS, making a headphone cable, means that the hi-fi "high-end" is starting to take headphones a whole heap more seriously, and with CARDAS having jumped in, the others should start to follow.

CARDAS, in reply to my e-mail, say that the cable will be released about mid-April. Am looking forward to the release, recon my 580's could do with the upgrade. (grin)

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