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Looking For Ultra-High-Capacity MP3 Player Options?

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Hello all. For a long time now I've been using twelve rockboxed Sansa Clips as my portable sources, but that's become excessive, is no longer cost-effective, and I still don't have anywhere near the memory I desire.


I've been embarking on putting my CD collection onto an external hard drive in FLAC form of late, and would also like to have 320kbps mp3 versions of it all for portable use. I have between 500 and 700 CDs right now. At this point, what I need it something with extremely high capacity.


I would like a DAP with over 100GB of storage (preferably over 150), to be used strictly for MP3 files. I don't need any video capability (I wouldn't mind the function, but I'd never use it), I don't need apps (ditto), but I want massive storage for my MP3 files.


Almost everything I found besides the iPod Classic that has that kind of storage is a full-featured miniature tablet, but if there's anything out there that's like the Classic for less (or more depending how much I dislike Apple on a given day), that'd be great.


If there's nothing of the sort, something full-featured from a well-known maker like Cowon would be great, too.




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you bought $600 worth of Clips?  and they all have to be charged and organized...




How about a DX100 with a 64 gig memory card in it?  Not cheap, but the best SQ, single box solution, and 128 gigs of flash.

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If you got 12 DX100's, each with a 64gb microsd, that's 1.5 terabytes of flash!  Also, bankruptcy.

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Not bankruptcy, and very plausible, for someone we all know wink.gif

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I think the iBasso (and Colorfly, Hifiman, etc.) are out of my range. I don't want something reference-quality at the moment since I have a good computer and home setup for that, and I only take mid-fi cans out and about anyways.

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There's always the 160gb iPod...

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Are there any notable sonic differences between the iPod Classic and Cowon X7 that would justify getting the Cowon over the iPod?

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The Cowon has BBE and an excellent EQ. The iPod has decent presets, but with my Digizoid ZO it sounds AMAZING!!!

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My cowon x7 is a very good sounding player and does not require an amp for use with iems and has 160gb and is simple to use.


For my music transport in my home system i use an Archos 48 which has a 500GB hard drive and is around the same size as the x7 just a bit thicker and as a portable player sounds about the same as an ipod classic ,it does have a 5 band manual eq but does not have a line out ,you need to buy a dvr docking station to get digital line out to external amp or dac.

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Thanks! I'll probably get iPod Classic or two when between headphone buying sprees.

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