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For Sale:
Eastern Electric Minimax DAC ..... Highly modded

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a minimax DAC with the awesome ESS 9018 32bit Sabre DAC chip. Then made a great DAC way better. This DAC can be bought from me in two versions.  The all out assault version has these mods :  Siemens Silverplate tube, Herbies RX tube damper, WBT Nextgen Ag silver digital coax connector, Silver plated BNC connector, volume control bypassed for better signal purity, all signal wiring is Downsize Audio Cables 97/3 silver and gold wire in Teflon, HiFi Tuning Ag silver fuse, and ALL connections are treated with the very expensive Furutech Nano fluid. This version I am selling for $1000.


Or you can buy it with all of the above mods except without the tube damper, Siemens Silverplate tube, and WBT Nextgen connector. This version comes with a brand new stock tube, and is the one for $700 which is a virtual STEAL.  The silver gold wiring alone cost over $100 and makes a HUGE improvement in sound quality just by itself.


In either version this DAC sounds waaaaaaaaaaay better  than a stock Minimax, and they are no slouch even in stock configuration.

I can be reached at