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Hey there!


Its not really a bug, but feedback, and more so something that could be improved.


When adding pictures to your own, personal list of items, say in this case, my XB700's:


Uploading photos is not only faster, but also when I upload the newest picture appears on the LEFT -> which is correct and perfect, as I see what was the last picture uploaded.


Now when i upload pictures on the product overview, in this case the XB700's:


My FIRST picture now appears on the LEFT, and my last out of sight, unless I scroll through all the pictures i had previously uploaded.



So my suggestion/feedback is this:

In the product overview, when uploading pictures, can we please see the latest pictures we uploaded on the LEFT instead of being "invisible"



Now to add to this:

-Is there any chance of a BULK uploader?

-Could we click on "view all images" to display all the pictures on one page (such as a separate page) instead of having to flick though 15pics to get to the last one?


I do like my pictures, and love uploading them - which is was a little easier to do so :)


Many thanks Head-fi!