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a-JAYS Four

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I heard these from a friend a few days ago:


I was impressed by the sound, actually better than my old Denon Denon AH-C700, the treble is a little restricted, actually good with bad recordings to avoid the harsh sound :)


Are there any alternatives in this price range, or should I just do it ?



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If you are happy with the sound, go for it. It's all about enjoying the music and it seems you found a match.

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Thanks, I will write a little review when I get them.

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having a serious dilemma whether to buy a jays three or four ! pleaseee help me DD;; which one should i buy sound quality - wise ? four sounds good to me but doesnt come with the accessories three has ! and i havent tried three yet ! please help me DD;;

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The a-Jays Three and Four are essentially the same. The only difference is that Four has an in-line mic and volume control, whereas the Three doesn't have this.

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serious ? DD;; but the price is so much more different !! and some more three has all the accessories four doesnt !! DD;; omggg how what should i do DD;;

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I had mine for a week before I gave them to my son. I didn't like them at all.  Bass-heavy and muddy mids and highs.  I bought them in an airport on a whim and regretted it unfortunately.  I bought some Shure SE215s which I'm still in love with.  I'd take the Shure's (about the same price) over the A-Jays hands-down.



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