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Is this a revision 2? Because I thought Rev2s fixed the problem.


It is version 2 Rev 2.  Purchased March 5 2012.  Sent back due to cracked housing first time.  Now being sent back due to to left driver issue.

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First set:

photo (8).JPGphoto (9).JPG


I guess we are getting off topic here. 


I hope to make it Sunday with my amps.  I'll bring my Grado RS1's as well.  I am anxious to try out some different gear.  It is always nice to hear something different to see what is out there.

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I may also bring my vintage Marantz 2215b as well for something a little different =D

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Thanks for putting it on. Was nice to hear the many different flavors of sound. I was surprised to see that pretty much every source was a laptop. Thanks
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I am disappointed I could not make it out today.  I was excited to meet some fellow "head gear" people and try out some different equipment.  I trust the event was a success.  Hopefully next time works for me.

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Hey everyone,

Great meet and just like to thank all of you for coming. Big shout out to Colin for getting it together.

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Special thanks to the organizers and The Audio Room for hosting the meet. It was lots of fun trying out the different setups. We definitely had no shortage of high end headphones and amps at this meet.


A few people mentioned they had gear for sale. I'll mention it again since it is always easier to deal with locals. Fruiti is selling his Dark Voice 337SE and Senn 650HD. Wingstrike also has a Lovely cube premium (Lehmann black cube clone) which needs a few replacement parts. They can probably be sourced fairly cheap from Digikey, mouser, or newark.


On my way out I noticed Audio Room had a Calyx Coffee DAC in one of the glass cases. This is a fairly nice small sized DAC based on the Sabre ESS 9023 chip. I'll probably go back to test this out in the coming weeks.




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Popping in to say it was a fun meet. Thanks to the organizers and every one who showed up in the meet. Had a good time. Every is so friendly and listening to all the various high-end equipment is so surreal. I enjoyed all the conversations I had with everyone. Definitely felt welcome on my first meet. I do encourage more people who are around the area to join in next time. Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel like home.


Thanks again to Colin for organizing the hi-fi meet!! See you all next time!

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Thank you to those that were able to make it down, it was a very successful meet with a wonderful selection of gear and easily the most varied meet I've been to.

Colin, you did a great job organizing everything once again, thank you. Thank you to Albert for setting up the venue and to the Audio Room in Calgary, especially to Moe and Kurt who showed up on their day off to open the doors for us. I'll be in at the end of summer to buy some speakers! :) As much as I would like ,they won't be the PMC's, hahha.


Onto some impressions.


I enjoyed the sound of the HE-500's over the LCD2 v2's, especially on violin tracks. I'll take the slightly less bass impact of the HE-500's over the piercing treble of the LCD2's when it came to violin tracks. Too bright for my liking and that is coming from a Grado guy.

Comfort was also another issue with the clamping on the LCD2's being too much to bare. Comfort was of no issue on the HE-500's. They would be my next purchase, cash permitted.


Fostex T50RP's were interesting. I say interesting because I have never heard a headphone like it. The dark background was a first for me and was very apparent when going between them and the HD650's or any other dynamic headphone. The set was unique enough that I ordered myself a pair. Thanks Roland! :)


T1's sounded breathtaking with piano pieces. I want more one on one time with these.


D7000's bass sounded boomy and overwhelming when side-by-side compared to HE-500's/LCD2's. A good amp which controls the bottom end and brings out the mid's is required and even then there's no comparison. They are still a favorite of mine to listen to due to how smooth they sound.


PS1000's have awesome presence, wide imaging and still retain the Grado sound, albeit more smoother highs, and was excellent in all the area's EXCEPT in the bass department. Although it has more bass impact when compared to an RS1 or any other Grado I've heard, it is no where near as controlled or punchy as an RS1. I would like to try this headphone on a different amp (used the V200, which sounds smoooooooooooooth).


I missed a GOOD chunk of some killer setup's. My apologies to the Stax O2 guy who set them up again for me to listen to and I did not return. Sorry my friend.


Let's do it again soon ... in an air-conditioned room this time around. =)

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Sucks I couldn't make it, mom was visiting from the east, had lots to do. Missed some killer headphones!

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This meeting was my de-facto introduction to the world of higher end headphones and I would like to thank all of you who were there for the warm welcome and support.  You guys were great and made me feel at home.  Being a long time audiophile, but new to the critical use of headphones, this was great experience for me. 

Special thanks go to organizer(s) for making the event happen, and to Colin in particular for helping me to get to know everybody and seamlessly blend in.  I sure hope to see you all again, and possibly even provide some value next time...


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