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DAP for Home Stereo / Car audio

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I am trying to learn a bit about DAPs and plugging them into home stereos and car stereos.  I have a clip+, rock boxed, right now and I really do not like the way it sounds when I plug it into either of those previously mentioned items. 


Is there a DAP that does sound great when plugged into other eguipment? 


What is the best way to make a DAP sound great when plugged into a car stereo or home stereo?


Do I need a player with a dedicated line out?  What purpose does a dedicated line out serve?  I have been reading a bit about the dedicated line out and from what I understand it bypasses the player's AMP, has a higher DB output, and is made for plugging into external equipment, is this correct?


Do I need an amp or would that help?


I am looking for a truly mobile device that I can carry all my music on and just plug it into whatever I want and sound at least as good as a CD any help would be great.








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Wondering the same thing.....

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Try setting your Clips volume to 0db in volume settings. also disable EQ for your purpose. A dedicated line out by-passes a DAP's headphone amp giving a clear genuine signal straight from it's source however, I've been reading that a Clip+ on 0db / EQ off is fairly close spec wise to what a line out will achieve. So....you would be wasting your time trying another player with a line out if you're unhappy with the Clip on settings mentioned unless you can borrow a friends to find out.

Control your volume from the car stereo (or other device) leaving the Clip at 0db with no EQ.

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So that's really as good as it gets for DAPs?  Why do CDs seem to sound better?


I'll try your suggested settings and see what happens.







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I can't speak to setting the clip to 0 dB, I don't, nor have I ever, owned one. But I do have a DAP with a line out (HiFiMan 601) and one without (Droid Charge with Voodoo Sound). I would not call the difference night and day, but there is a substantial increase in the quality when you switch to the line out. Depends on the file being played, as well, but some sound a lot better through a line out.


I really think the 601 express 4GB with a good SD card and rockbox is a decent deal at $200. Might want to give it a try?


I have also found that on my Droid Charge, Voodoo Sound has a level that is supposed to be the "Optimal line-out" equivalent, and it isn't even the best volume to have the damn thing set at to make it sound decent, so I am not sure I buy the idea of going through an amp, but it being at an equivalent to a line-out, as is suggested as possible with your Clip. It could be completely different with that player, though.

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I do about 50% of listening on my portable devices in the car...via Aux input of car stereo. I've found that different music players sound strikingly  different in the car. My favorite is Neutron which just sounds closer to an actual CD. Poweramp comes in a close second. I also think that devices with a lower output impedance (when using headphone jack), seem to sound a lot stronger and fuller.The  I-Phone 4S sound particularly good when played through a car stereo Aux-input..nice and strong. My brand new Motorola Razr Max is very close...has better clarity, but the I-Phone sounds a bit stronger and fuller. My Sony X-Series  sounds great using IEM's but when plugged into the car...sound not so good. I even have an  LOD for the Sony X,and it's still lacking. I would think that something like the new iBasso DX, with it's 5-volt output should be ideal for car use...but at a very high cost. I also just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and it sounds really good, better sound stage and spacing...especially after downloading Neutron and Poweramp and installing the "EQ" app. It sounds better than the I-Phone and Sony X, but just not as "loud" as the I-Phone. I also have a Samsung Fascinate that sounds great...but the output volume is lacking. I know about rooting and Voodoo Plus, but I was never able to root the device to try Voodoo Plus.  It seems to me that devices with lower output impedance and higher output volume sound best in the car,....at least to me.  So yeah, for me, when choosing a DAP, my interest is split between how it sounds on the go, and in the car. I'm quite eager to try out the iBasso DX 100 sometimes soon.

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Thanks for the great responses.  I really want to try a iBasso DX 100, but that is wayyy out of my price range at least until my girl finishes nursing school.  The 601 Express might be attainable soon though.  I will have to read up and see how people like it in their cars.  I also have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I could use, I have just never thought of using my phone as a music player.


Magnetvision, you say you like Android players with Neutron and they sound great in the car?  Maybe I will have to try using my phone.  Has anyone tried a Nexus? 



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I've used my Ipod video 5.5g through it's line out to the car stereo which i thought was pretty good. Then I used my clip+ rockboxed which I did like but noticeably on the weaker side. Then I tried My S:Flo2 through it's line out, and Oh my... never heard such good sound out of my speakers ever! It sounds pretty good when listening to it out of the headphone out jack, but once you pop it into the line out jack there is s definite difference. The subs start bumpin! I know the S:Flo has tons of juice power and through the line out you get a very clean signal, so seems pretty much perfect for a car stereo.

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I don't think that you can buy the S:Flo2 any more though.  I have looked anyway and have not found any sites that sell it.




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It's my understanding that the S:Flo2 is simply a rebranded Teclast T51.  A Google search "teclast t51 for sale" offered a few possiblities, although from what I've read it's (they're) rather shoddily built.

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What other DAP's are available with really good Line Out's..... with great output?.........any more suggestions ?

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