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Rasberry pi for music streaming

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Has anyone seen this: http://www.raspberrypi.org


Basically its a fanless, creditcard-sized linux PC that is powered via usb only. It has a network plug and a usb 2.0 plug. The OS goes on a SD-Card. It also supports Video playback up to 1080p. Now the best part: its 25$. I believe there will be an upgraded version for something like 35$. It also has a 3.5mm output but I don't expect much. However hooking it up with an usb-dac and an external USB-Powered HDD could give you the perfect network music streamer! Anyone in for a challenge?


They go for sale here: 



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I have. I'm pretty sure almost everybody on OCN has (but this is head-fi) so I might as well share some stuff here.


It's a small $25 (for Model A, $32 for Model B) ARM computer with a Broadcom SoC (I think that means Soldered on Chip). It's capable of streaming 1080p video. The little device boots off an SD card with a OS that supports ARM. I believe the current distros are Fedora, Arch Linux, and Debian. They have it on the website. There will be more coming. Ubuntu is working out some issues from what I remember. People don't know about Windows 8 support yet because Windows 8 supports ARM.


I think that should be good enough. If you want Wi-Fi, get a USB wi-fi adapter. You can increase storage with an external USB hard drive. It will support audio over USB if the Linux distro supports it.

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I'm in and on the pre-order wait list for the $35 model B.


Hoping it ships from the US, otherwise Newark charges a $35 intl shipping charge. I'm excited by the HDMI port so I can stream multi-channel FLAC's with mpd.


Just you want wifi you can stick it on a wireless router (even better one with a USB port!). You'll get a better signal and don't have to mess with drivers.


If you know unix this thing is just limitless.






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I'm probably going to get one so my sister will stop bugging me to use mine...or I can command my own army or mini linux-boxes.

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You sister uses linux? Is she single? biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by francisdemarte View Post

You sister uses linux? Is she single? biggrin.gif

lol no, but she's single and probably too young for you.


No linux, no love. :P

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