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Music for walking

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Hi guys, who better than you can help me discover some new musicwink.gif i usually listen to progressive but when i go outside for a walk  watching around i love to listen to some relaxing acoustic music that does not require to much attention, for example eddie vadder, or relaxing song from my favourites metal band: can u help me finding something new? 

Also i don't like when voice plays a too much important role in the song that has to be like a soundtrack of what i'm doing biggrin.gif

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Pretty wide open as far as possibilities go. 


Walking themed songs:

  Arthur Russel- This is how we walk on the Moon

  Theo Parish- Sky Walking

  Isaac Hayes- Walk on By


Random shots in the dark:

  Pharoah Sanders

  Astor Piazzolla.

  Carl Stalling

  David Axelrod






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This may seem a bit out of left field given the music mentioned in the original post, but may I suggest some Dave Brubeck?  It's relaxing, it's acoustic, there are no vocals, and you can pay as much or as little attention as you like and still enjoy it.  Definitely the kind of music I'd use for walking.

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It's not acoustic, but some of Nujabes' work is very calming. In particular Mystline and Araurian Dance from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack and from the album "Modal Soul", Reflection Eternal and perhaps Light on the Land (but that one is a little faster)

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This guy have some really good stuff


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I suggest this song...


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Savage Garden - The Animal Song


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I usually listen to metal and rock, but sometimes as in your case, I listen to Burzum and some kind of electro music


Hope you enjoy!

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definitely recommend yellow by coldplay. best for all time

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