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Beats marketing fail on Facebook

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Hi all,


Thought this would get some chuckles:




Monster decided to use an Internet meme and got it wrong, thereby insulting themselves and their fans (Wonka is sarcastic and condescending).


Heres a screenie for those wise enough not to use FB



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lol this is a great one! I imagine someone making the same face saying that line with sarcastic tone (especially with a stress to "must") to Beats users.

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Memegenerator fails as usual, so I just used the preview image.



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So awesome, thanks

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I guess Monster is finally going to admit the truth, that their Beats headphones aren't high fidelity. Acceptance is the final step of overcoming grief. I've really got to hand it to them.

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I went to their page and couldn't see that, did they delete it?


I see it now. 

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LMAO, will like to see the current comments from other users

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Head Injury, your avatar is the greatest thing to have ever existed. *bows in the presence of Rainbow Dash*

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