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Hello. Im new to the community.
Im a member if many car audio sites and have just got into Em's

So far in the last two weeks I have bought
Skull candy inked
Sennheiser cx150
Sennheiser cx300II
Kicker eb101
Radius Atomic Bass 2
J-buds j2
Ultimate ears 200
Meelectronics m6 and m9

So far that's it. Plan on buying many more with reviews and comparisons

So just wanted to say hello
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welcome to head-fi

give your wallet to the man at the door and wave goodbye to your sanity

(stolen from another user but a much better intro than welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet)
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Ya I bought alot but plan on a bit more. Doing reviews mainly. I will sell prob all of them. I have my goal .. a nice pair of IE8's
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Hello everyone again. I'm now up to 40 pairs of iems.
I just got a nice deal on a pair of Brand New UE 900's
Is anyone intrested in trading for a pair of phonek or ie80's ?

Please let me know quick. I can't post in classifieds yet. But I have a 262 feedback rating on ebay and a couple other forums. Lmk what ya got.
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