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Warranty on Brainwavz M2

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Hello, i'm trying to return my M2's for a new pair but I don't know how. There is a warranty card in the box but it doesn't have a location for shipping it back. It says I can send it to amazon but the warranty is only for a month but the warranty card for the M2's says a year. Someone please help.

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bump, I also need an answer to this

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You should be able to find where to ship it to on their site. Contact Brainwavz via e-mail for a mailing label or whatever shipping technique they use.
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Try contacting Amazon first; they may be able to replace your pair if you explain the situation to them =). If you have no luck with them, and assuming the seller you bought your M2s from was MP4nation, then youd probably want to open a support ticket at

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