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HRT iStreamer vs. nuforce icon ido

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I plan on using an ipod and one of these devices to a full size amp like a Maverick D1

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I'll bite. Bump. 

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Hi all, I would be interested in first hand feedback from actual users among this forum regarding the sound quality of the HRT iStreamer vs. the Nuforce Icon iDo.

To keep the discussion focussed, I am primarily interested in a comparison of the DAC sections of the iStreamer and the Icon iDo (so not in the headphone amp of the Icon iDo or the additional features it offers).


So how will these DACs compare sonically in your opinion?


Many thanks!

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You might be better off with a Pure i20.
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I've tried both these devices in my home set-up with various amps both portable and desk bound ones. Without touching on the other features that the iDo offers, I'd say I'll pick the iStreamer over the iDo. Somehow, the iStreamer comes across as being more accurate and yet induces less listener's fatigue for me. I have paired it with a few notable amps that are popular here including the M-Stage, Little Dot 1+, Burson 160D, RSA SR-71A, ALO RX MK2. If you'd like my impressions regarding the pairings, just PM. I'll hook it up and give it a good listen. Unfortunately, I can no longer combine the iDo and iStreamer next to each other as I no longer have the iDo. Auditioning both at home with my own setup and it's quite clear to me which one of the two I prefer. Dan
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This thread is 5 months old and the OP hasn't been around in weeks.

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Ditti, many thanks, this is exactly the sort of feedback I am looking for. Any other comments from other users are still welcome.


Kyokee, no, unfortunately, these only work with i-devices, not with a PC.

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