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I have a problem. My 780's cover is really loose, and the remote doesn't work.. so I take it in the first time, they fix remote, no fix cover.. . then, cover gets reallly loose, I get and remote breaks again . I take it back and I tell them I want to get a sony. They, (Magnolia Hi-Fi), want to help, but some legal Pana stuff won't let them, and I have to send it to service for repairs and to see if I can trade. No trade, I bought a 2-year warranty, and they are trying to CHARGE ME NOW FOR REPAIRS. they ignore the remote this time, they want $40 for cover, and I want a different one or my money. What should I do!! I just want a pcdp with a nice remote and won't break I am thinking about just using my old Sony from 1996 and getting a remote for it, but no anti-skip and doesn't play many burnt cds. Or, throw some car money at a minidisc player, or sony EJ925. I am pretty much stuck with the 780, I don't know if I can plead with them to get some money or a decent pcdp. This makes me confused. I don't really want to spend too much money, because I have to save for car and college, and I don't have any hours at my work . I might go in and talk to them tomorrow. I don't know. What do you guys think? I am getting sick of crappy cdps and difficult people and repair places. Does anyone know if the remote for the 925 works with my D-T405 (1996 model)? Any idea? The remote for my friends pmdp works with it, but I am wondering about the screen working, and the backlight. And how much it would cost and yaadadadadadad