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m-audio q40.

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Just received my headphones today, listened to a few songs and I love em. Sound proof is alright, should work fine, but I'll find out at tomorrows practice!

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The Beats Audio bass boost is IMO significantly better than the FiiO E10's bass boost. It gets too much of a bad rap.

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The beats audio is usually just a software bit that just boosts bass. I bet there's just a button that allows you to turn it off.


And I love whipping out this picture, Dr. Dre in his studio with the Audio Technica M50's!


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Haha, that's hilarious! Dr. Dre caught CHEATING on his beats headphones! eek.gif

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Ha! I showed this to some family members in my household and they said that it could be an old photo that was taken before he came out with his beats headphones . . . some people just can't accept the truth! Just to be sure though could you tell me when this photo was taken so that nobody can say that anymore?

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I don't know when it was taken, but I did a google reverse image search, and there are no records of this image before 2008 (when beats was founded).

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Nice . . . so that means nobody can tell me that this was before he released his beats products.

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Dunno why anyone would be surprised that they don't actually use Beats in the studio for recording/mastering. They're for listening to casually. I don't think anyone who has a multi-million dollar contract would jeopardize the bad press and feedback on "really poorly recorded/mastered" media when they advertise "made with Beats" and everyone says "sounds like mud." Even the artists would listen and say, "Dude, that's not what we sound like..."


Very best,

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