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Shure SRH940 vs ATH-ES10

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I have 940 on hand. I like mid and high but I think it not enough bass for me. So I need more big bass than this .. (mid and high it's ok for me)


I consider ATH-ES10. Can any compare this 2 model (940 vs ES10) in bass part for meplease ? or if you have another brand or model Please let me know ..


Thank you very much to every one.


PS: sorry for my poor english.

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Are these for home use or portable? I have a hard time recommending the ES10 for purely home use as I feel they are a little over priced. It does have quite a bit of bass though, a good ratio of sub-bass rumble to mid-bass kick.

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For both portable or home use. Another one do you suggest ? .. Thanks ^_^

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you could try a reversible & easy mod with the srh940. This won't make them "bassy" , but certainly more balanced.

You increase a bit depth of ear cups, that's all. You can see on my review  (on bottom) how I've done it.


Now if you don't want to mod, there's the hd25 II  I  bought recently, that provide "nice" bass. At least for mainstream music.

Their highs aren't as good ad the srh940, but I  love the vocals on the hd25 II, better than the srh940, or any other headphone I  tried.

They are very solid too.

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