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Very nice. Pleased with it?

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Yes, I am, but I am not objective because is it my child :-)
I will do some measurement and I will see.
Now I am in phase of testing other OPAs.
In game are LME49710 and LME49990. But the OPA1611 is probably the winner.
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I built a hedphone amp with this LME49600 amp IC. I bulit the circuit whta you can see in the user manual in the Figure 28. But unfortunately it doesn't work. There is the positive supply voltage on the output.


The PCB plan is OK, but I think, I damaged the IC under the soldering.


Or the other problem maybe, what I think is, there is a JU4 and JU8 (maybe switch?) in the Figure 28, what connect the 7th leg to the GND. And I didn't bulit this section to the circuit. Is it a problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello and Welcome!


You'll want to post more information (photos, schematic - even if it's a sketch on a napkin). There are bright, amazing and helpful people on this forum, but they'll need more to go on.

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I send the shematic from the TI's LME49600 user manual, but with modification. I cancelled the HP31, JU1, JU17, JU4, JU8, JU15, JU14, because they have not be built to the circuit. I try, that the 7th leg of the LM49720 opamp soldered to the GND, what is ihe JU4, but the problem is beeing now.


And is send the PCB plan, I made it in Sprint Layout 5.


This ithe shematic's picture:




And the .lay file from the PCB:




Thanks in advance!

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