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For Sale:
FS: Modified Fostex T20RP MKII Headphones with Canare Custom Cable

Will Ship To: Base U.S. 48 States

I have a pair of modified Fostex T20RP MK II headphones for sale, which have been modified.


Modifications have been done in accordance with the threads discussing the process for improving these headphones from their stock sound and include:


  • Acoustic / Audio Foam on inside of ear cup backing.
  • Clay on the inside of the speaker baffles to add mass and some vibration absorbing properties.
  • Inner cups lined / stuffed with cotton balls and fiberglass insulation.
  • Stock felt removed from ear side of drivers.
  • Dynamat installed over the baffle of the ear side of the drivers.
  • Adhesive thick, black felt installed over the Dynamat to retain color and appearance as well as a soft padding if the ears come in contact with the material.
  • 6' Canare quad insulated microphone cable (black jacket) which was then terminated with a 1/4" gold-plated Neutrik TRS connector.
  • Stock ear pads are present.  The user can upgrade the pads to the Shure 840 pads for approximately $15.00, purchased from Internet vendors.


Price: $$SOLD$$ - My price does not reflect any profit, per the rules of posting in the F.S. section here.  Essentially, the $$SOLD$$ includes the $$SOLD$$ cost of the headphones and $10.00 towards the custom cable and materials, which is about one half of the cost I paid to acquire the materials.


Shipping: U.S. sales are preferred at this time.  USPS Priority Mail shipping with delivery confirmation and insurance will be utilized.  Shipment can and will be made the next business day following the sale of these headphones.  Cost for shipping, insurance, delivery confirmation: $13.00


Note: The T20RP MKII headphones are essentially the same as the T50RP headphones that have been favorites for modification.  The T20RP MKII uses the same exact drivers as the T50RP and the same size ear cups as the T20RP MK II.  Modifying the T20RP MKII is the same as modifying the T50RP, but the benefit lies in the cost.  The T20RP MKII can be purchased for $30 - $40 less than the T50RP is currently selling for.  Additionally, the only cosmetic difference between the T20 and the T50 is that the side adjustment rods are silver on the T20, but are gold on the T50RP headphones.


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