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Sony PCDP ?

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Does anyone know if Sony will stop making it's PCDPs anytime soon or in the future . I am thinking about getting a backup one to the one I already have incase the it fails on me . Not sure tho , I would rather wait until it dies , but I have been thinking lately that If I keep using the one I have without a backup and it were to suddenly die and then if I were to look online for a replacement and found out that Sony were to have had already stoped making them , I would really be dissappointed . If anybody know something it sure would help me make up my mind . Thanks .

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Like any technology, the CD player's days are numbered, especially with the enormous market success of iTunes marketplace, and Amazon's competing digital-download music store. Apple have been mercilessly driving nails into the coffin of CD for several years now, and these days, with their undeniable success, the world and it's dog seem to be either buying Apple's products or slavishly ripping them off copying them, which means fewer and fewer manufacturers bothering to produce PCDPs.


Personally, I would be surprised if Sony will feel motivated to produce PCDPs much longer than another 18-24 months (at least for '1st-world' countries - sorry, I cringe at that term, but I'm using it because folks know what I mean by it) but hey - who am I  to say? rolleyes.gif Maybe Sony have PCDPs as part of their longterm product roadmap (yeah, right!)


In spite of the above, I am currently using my faithful Sony D-777 PCDP because it absolutely thrashes my Cowon J3 when used with UM Miracles. It positively embarrasses the J3 with these CIEMs.


I may sell the D-777 when I receive my iBasso DX100 but until then, my J3 is gathering dust whilst my D-777 is keeping me happy almost 2 decades after Sony stopped making it.

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Go to ebay and get a Vintage Sony players like D303,d350,D555,D321,D311 and you will be amazed by the sound quality of those old players.


I would say none of the recently made mp3 players can match them.  Even the very expense one.

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Dear rbyrer ,


This is my first post here. I am busy with my website , dedicated to Sony PCDP , and many others to come.


www.sonyvintage.com , have a check :-).


I am still working on it... but already did some WALKMANS and DISCMANS , MINIDISC. content.


Info such as the which spare lens you should use in your PCDP is also mentioned there.







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I'm just into my second Sony D-EJ011. I can't find any fault with the sound quality. If you're worried about the demise of PCDPs I'd pick up a few. Can be found for +/- 30 dollars

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