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Hi. I just got the idea that i would start modifying my MS1i's with the 'driver venting' modification.. It didn't seem to work the way it was described though. The idea was to knock up the bass, also giving the cans a more clear sound altogether. But it seems to me that the only thing that came out of the experiment was that the sound instead got 'punchtured', and some of the 'woof' behind the drums, etc. was replaced by a more muddy, yet stronger bass frequence, that also seemed to make the general fq-response, and perhaps the soundstage, more vague and non-punchy. So, is it just me being paranoid over 'increased bass', or have i done something wrong? I have vented the wholes from the driver's backsite, with the masking on, which was done with a knitting needle that could go through the grille.. could i eventually have punctured it too deep in? (i can see that there is no harm done to the drivers, so the problem, if we call it that, should lie somewhere else.)