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Van Der Hul LoD?

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anyone knew this brand? my local audio store owner really recommend this product.

i kindda hate the Fiio LoD.any recommend besides this lod?


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I use van den hul interconnects, but I am not aware of any LOD from them. No sign of such a product on their website either.

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a DIY made lod maybe using VDH's cable? VDH would've printed their logo on it.

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hem i dont know if its a DIY im gonna ask the store owner.

other than that thanks for the reply guys!

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I can tell you right now that looks to be an LOD somebody custom made, with a Qables dock plug, and and a silver/gold Switchcraft mini plug, black 1/8" techflex, and black heatshrink.  They must have used wire from Van Den Hul from a cable that they chopped up.

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It would be interesting to know which wire it used. They could be made from the Flexicon or SCS-28M.

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definitely a DIY.

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