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For Sale: iPod Classic 120 GB Silver

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
iPod Classic 120 GB Silver

Silver 120 GB iPod.  Front is in great shape.  Back has typical wear and tear scratches.  Only significant problem is a one pixel wide line that goes across the screen.  It does not affect use or anything, just sometimes see it strike through some text.  Comes with original box and USB cord.  $110 shipped and that includes Paypal fee.  Thanks for looking!

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Could you post a picture of the screen when it's on? I'm just interested to know where the Pixel Line is. 



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Yeah that would probably be a good idea.  Here you go.  As you can see it's about 2/3 of the way down or so.



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What generation iPod is it?

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I believe all the iPod Classics are considered 6th, and thus current, generation.  That being said, originally they were offered in 80GB and 160GB sizes, then the next year they did only a 120GB model, and the year after that they bumped it up to only 160GB model.  

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That pixel line looks fine, hardly noticeable. It shouldn't get in the way of navigating through music.

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nice artist choices! That new Felt album ain't bad!

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