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For Sale:
FS: Little Dot MK III w/ lots of tubes - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys,


I've been accepted into my summer abroad program which will more than likely extend to a whole year so I have no use for a home setup anymore!


I have for sale the following:


1) Little Dot MK III I bought from another Head-fi member a month or so ago and they had owned it for about 1 year.  The following tubes will be included: Mullard M8100 (one pair), Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV (two pairs), JAN-GE 5654W (one pair), stock RCA 5654 (one pair), Sylvania 6AK5/EF95 (one pair), and CV131 (EF92) (one pair). It also comes with the instruction manual and a power cord.


          I am looking for $240 >> $230 >> SOLD (considering the price I bought it from the other user from ($190) plus over $100 in additional tubes I feel that's fair.



2) MAC AQG RCA Interconnect (1m): SOLD.



Thanks for your time,


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