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What's your favourite song to impress someone with your equipment?

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I think everyone has a favourite song that is usually used to demonstrate iems (or headphones) to friends and family. People expect to hear something extraordinary from >$500 iems. And when I tell someone that this tiny piece of technology costs so much money and someone asks me to "taste it" I play these songs:
- Chris Botti - Worlds Outside (my sony ex1k gives so dimensional sound, very juicy and impressive)
- Jessy J - PB 'n' J (crystal clear and airy sound)
- Latest Evanescence or Nickelback's album for people who love rock music (these two albums demonstrate good bass and dynamics)
Usually people very satisfied with sound quality, if it's not enough I have more songs (Alessandro Safina, Bach, Diana Krall etc.)
So, what's your favourite songs that can explain why your iems/headphones cost so much money? :)
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I have a few select songs from The Beatles and Frank Sinatra that wow people every single time I play them....


I follow those up by playing some binaural records.

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Could you tell what exact songs do you "use" to wow people? 

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I like using Rush - Big Money....a lot going on with that songs.....samples, drumming (awesome), bass playing (amazing), and soaring guitars!

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Al Stewart - Year of the Cat. 


When in good quality, it is truly amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't heard it. 




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On my main rig I like to play just about anything off Beck's Sea Change or Fleetwood Mac's Rumours (HD)...on portable, Afghan whig's Gentlemen or Porcupine Tree's In Absentia. I usually get jaws dropping. When I tell them how much my gear costs, that get's the jaw off the floor.

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Listed in no particular order...


Mofi SACD - Blood, Sweat & Tears self titled - track #7 Spinning Wheel originally recorded October 9, 1968.

Awesome open sound stage, huge dynamics and great separation of instruments.


Mofi SACD - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Couldn't Stand The Weather - track #12 Tin Pan Alley originally recorded 1984.

This is a good all rounder laid back blues number that just sounds cool.


Standard original MCA 1986 CD - Larry Carlton, Alone/But Never Alone - track #1 Smiles and Smiles to Go recorded 1986.

Nice friendly uplifting instrumental with plenty of sparkle.


Standard original 2003 CD - Renee Geyer, Tenderland - track #1 Thieves in The Temple a cover of the Prince's 1990 hit.

Great production values and a fantastic cover of this track that kicks.


Standard 1993 CD - Dead Can Dance, Into The Labyrinth - track #1 Yuluga.

Not for immediate impact as the first 3 minutes are vocal only but is worth the wait for when the instruments kick in.

Dramatic percussion with some very unusual sounds and low bass.


Standard 2005 CD - Prem Joshua, Yatri - track #5 Sarang Solitaire Indian inspired music.

There is some extremely low and big bass in this so if you want to show off the low end this is it!

On my REL T1 sub bass it feels and sounds like someone has hit an enormous gong bigger than the room.


I have many more but will stop now. bigsmile_face.gif

BTW I have Beck Sea Change on Mofi and I think any of the above are better demos than Beck.

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Well recorded percussions:

Flim & the BB's (DMP CD) - Tricycle album, specially the first one titled Tricycle.

The Sheffield Lab - Drum & Track Disc (XRCD 24-bit super analog CD) album, the 1st and 2nd tracks, both titled Drum Improvisation.


Then there's

Recordings by Mark Levinson VOL III - Bill Elgart, Percussion, A Life (CD)

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I like to use any track from any of three Jennifer Warnes albums:  Famous Blue Raincoat, The Hunter, and The Well.


Favorites are Bird On A Wire (FBR), Big Noise New York (H) and Invitation To The Blues (W).



I also like Your Latest Trick from Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms.

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Speaking of Dire Straits, I sometimes demo "You and your friend" from the CD On Every Street. The soundstage in that song never fails to impress.


Another fav is "Right in two" from Tool's 10,000 days.

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Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here Blu-ray discs (surround system):

Time (Dark Side of the Moon)

Welcome to the Machine (Wish You Were Here)


Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum SACD (surround system):



Isaac Hayes - Shaft Stereo SACD (surround system):


Beck - Sea Change MFSL CD (stereo system):

The Golden Age


Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue HDCD (stereo system):


Miles Davis - Kind of Blue 180 gram vinyl LP (stereo system):

So What


Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 45 rpm 2 LP (stereo system):


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On the occasions I've had someone listen to my setup (portable or full sized) I usually let the listener choose a song they like from my library. I find I get the most positive feedback that way. After they listen to a song or two of their chosing, I'll play a few songs I think will highlight the system.
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Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem on her Retrospective SACD, Chesky label

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I've never felt the need to try to impress someone. Though I would probably choose something from Eric Clapton's Unplugged.

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Anything with some nice guitar riffs. 

Scorpions specially. 

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