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Originally Posted by Mheat122134 View Post


That means 'Yes - it's still a secret' evil_smiley.gif

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Its so easy to slag them off because of the price/sound quality, but you've got to give the marketers credit. I had another listen to some recently from a work friend who had them out at break, and they didn't sound that bad, but not on par with other brands of a similar price. He was enjoying them and thats all that matters really. People who buy the Beats will also splash out on the next cool gadget or clothes or haircut! Let them get on with it.. After all, if some of us are willing to fork out £1500+ on some LCD3's or similar then who is the real fool??

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In the sense that it's easier to convince your friends that your £xxx set of headphones and £xxx amp/DAC is worth the money if they consider Beats to be "not that overpriced". They've opened things up, nowit's more acceptable to wear full size and fairly expensive headphones in public.


Sadly, it's still not acceptable to carry a portable rig that looks like a bomb. Maybe if I stuck an apple or Beats sticker on it?

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Without the success of Beats chances are we would never have had Momentum, Amperior, UE6000/9000, M-80/100, D400/600, MDR-1R, Custom One Pro, etc. just to name a few. They made other respectable headphone brands realize a not-so-new gold mine that is the average consumers' portable headphones. All the names above were basically made to get a slice of the cake that Beats currently enjoys the biggest portion. I will thank them for that. I can't care less for their headphones though but that doesn't matter to me. 

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Beats brought me to HiFi, so I thank them for that, but, when I brought my K702's (I sold them a while back) to school, people thought that they sucked because they weren't beats, and because they leak sound.... I'm just glad that I'm the type of guy who researches stuff before I buy! biggrin.gif
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I have never ever worn beats. I saw the ads for them when they first came out, I actually didn't even care about sound back then and I STILL thought that they were a total gimmick. 

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Beats. I don't really buy them, but the fact that they're making them. I respect that.


-Hansel (zoolander anyone?)


I'm on a movie quote rampage. Actually I appreciate the overpriced aspect of Beats because it makes my purchase feel like even more of a steal.

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Originally Posted by earphiler View Post

Beats. I don't really buy them, but the fact that they're making them. I respect that.

-Hansel (zoolander anyone?)

I'm on a movie quote rampage. Actually I appreciate the overpriced aspect of Beats because it makes my purchase feel like even more of a steal.
I cried on the inside wen my friend told me he bought Beats Pros, because you can get HD650's or HE400's for the SAME Price!
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I do not respect beats at all, and i sell them, ill tell you my story and why i HATE beats...

first off, who buys beats? i dont mean for ANY of this to single out any demographic or sound stereo typical im just saying it just the way the truth makes it out to be, so who buys beats?
i get alot of kids come up to me asking how much the beats are so the number 1 customer for beats are underaged school kids roughly around 13-18 years of age
Those that look to be over the age of 20 are usually what i consider to be "****** bags" the type of people that try to act cool saying things like "YO how much are DEM BEATS"!

this gets worse,

about 90% of the people that ask me about beats DO NOT KNOW A THING ABOUT THEM! for instance we have all the beats ranging from the tours all the way up to the PRO detox
Me: which ones are you interested in?
*********: THE BEATS
Me: we have a variety of beats a----(interrupted)
*********:The beats by DRE !!!

so pretty much i have to show them all the beats we have with their price listed once that is done they will ask me whats the difference between solo's pro studio etc etc

i find this VERY depressing as people are willing to spend their HARD EARNED cash i say hard earned because most of them probably work at a local mcdonalds making minimum wage spending 300 dollars on headphones without doing any research on which beats is right for them, this goes with anything though but the beats crowd you can really see the problem with people these days, for me ANYTHING i buy whether its a car, computer (i build my own), headphones, monitor, TV's, pretty much anything that costs me a quite of bit of money i will do my research on it to see if its worth it, right for me, and is the best i can get for my money, im even in the process of researching a coffee maker for my mother for christmas for crying out loud

this is not even the worst part!
about 10% of the people that take interested in beats will ask me,
"hey what do you think of the beats by dre"
im ALWAYS honest to all my customers and i tell them what i personally think about the beats this is what i usually say to everyone that asks me this question (my coworker says the same)

I think they are good headphones, for 50 dollars, too bad it costs 350, making these really bad for the money, if i were you and i care about audio quality i would stay away from the whole line of beats headphones, they have way too much bad bass, they break way to easily (we get alot of people coming in asking for us to fix their beats cause the plastic broke) there are much better headphones for 350 that will blow these away, i can even direct you to a store that will sell headphones that are better then these for 150, my opinion do not get this, its more like a scam to me then a product, also the company that makes these (monster) are also the same company that pretty much made a killing by fooling people that their amazing quality HDMI cable will make their HDTV look sooo much better when really, HDMI is a digital signal which means no matter how bad the quality cable, if your getting picture its all the same

after saying all this i get "okay well ill take the studios"

90% of the people i tell the truth about the beats being bad will not care what i have to say even though they asked, they will still purchase beats, i ask myself WHY do they purchase a product they now know COULD BE BAD from a person that works at a place that SELLS THEM!!

1. Sheeples: these are the MAJORITY of the world, they go by what they hear, they do not care about truth, they do not care about their individual taste, preference, ideas, they just want to "fit in" they just wanna go with the crowd, they want to spend the 300 so someone can come up to them and say "you have beats? OH SHIET THATS SICK YO"  and they will feel good about it

2.celebrities: This is what makes beats headphones popular, people will see their favourite artist wear beats so it must be good, dr.dre is on the box, i see lil wayne wear it ALL THE FREAKING TIME when hes on the grammys or something, and its in their music videos shown in eminems music video "not afraid" shown here
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s     <<<<<< PAUSE AT 2:59 the beats advertising is to the right RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES

3.subconscious: most people who watch these videos do not notice the subliminal advertising but even though they dont notice it does not mean they dont see it they CLEARLY see it, it will be in their subconscious mind so when they will see it in person they will think, these look familiar let me look at them, one person mentioned on this very thread that the people are "programmed' to like how the beats look even tho i think they look like stupid toys IMO, this is a perfect example of why people like it, even if it may sound crazy ask yourself this

why all of a sudden people care about audio quality, in back its 2006 people were okay with ibuds, now with beats out things have changed for example:

before beats even existed people were using ibuds, if you would to walk about with your sennheiser 558 and someone came up to you saying hey nice looking headphones how much were they and you replied thanks, they are sennheiser 558 they costed me oh around ~200 dollars he will them reply with 200?!?!? i would never spend that kind of money on headphones no thank you ill stick with my ibuds they are good enough for me! Fast forward to 2012 the same person now has 350 dollar beats studios, oh the irony back in 2006 the same guy said 200 dollars is way too much on headphones but now he spends 350 on headphones when appearently his ibuds are good enough for him, the only reason why he bought them is because he is what i like to consider a sheep sadly

so now we are here at an end, i appologize for any grammer/spelling errors that might exist in this wall of text, i just want to get it out of my system, why did i write so much about beats? why do i hate it so much? well its probably because i almost deal with the nonsense of beats everyday whether its 13year old kids asking how much they are who cant buy anything but maybe a meal at mcdonalds, an 18 year old YO SICK BEATS BRO *********, a misinformed sheep who will buy beats regardless of what he/she hears against beats and just wants to be with the crowed, or the very VERY VERY FEW people who care about where their money is going, and if its right for THEM and individual NOT A GROUP

p.s we also sell laptop with a "b" logo on top of it, guess what gets the most attention of all attention, that laptop.

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I have deep respect for their marketing. It shocks me just how many people have Beats. I don't think they sound all that bad. Some people like a sh*t ton of bass. I am not one of those people, but it is a style I can understand. While more people are open to more expensive audio gear due to Beats, it is a question of which one is the lesser of two evils: People only liking Beats, or people only liking iBuds? I think I prefer it when people only like iBuds. If that is all one has heard, they can easily be blown away by even mildly expensive headphones. But, if they have $350 Beats, they can get so addicted to that thumping bass, that they become convinced that Beats are actually really good.

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I'm lucky enough not so much exposed to such media that I honestly didn't know how Beats is going.  But when a B-boy friend asked help to get to 2nd place to win a Beats earphones, that's when I got curious (he won first place... didn't like the prize and sold it for a beats).  The locals (where I live) are very much into hype and fashion.  I could recognize Beats worn by some of them... and I emphasize "worn" as opposed to "use."  I doubt if they knew anything about prominent names (at least in my country) like Sennheiser or Klipsch.  But once I get my first real headgear, I'll make sure to ask them.

Yes, I respect their marketing basing on my experience with my B-boy friend.  But I'm also glad they're at a different dimension from quality headphones.  I'm always happy to be one of the rare guys who gets it right... well, in my neighborhood at least.

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I don't like beats headphones in general because they sound too BOOMY for my ears. Although they were the ones that led me onto an Epicurean quest of seeking for alternative headphones.

Right now I currently own this:


but my old one that broke last month were these:


and my truly POS headphone (much worse than my previous skullcandies low rider headphones and ink'd buds) is that:

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I think the matte models can be very beautiful but that's it , they're just pretty to look at

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I dont know...but at my college it seems like 4/5th of the people there have their beats headphones.... It kinda makes me sick to my stomach lol... but sometimes ignorance is bliss. I personally dont respect the makers of Beats, as I feel its a con... A quick story lol,  One of my friends let me try his Beats Studio's...and they felt so clunky...wobbly.... After taking a brief 20 second listen I simply took them off and smiled back...as I didnt want to hurt his feelings (they were 300 bucks....hard to tell someone they got scammed) But what I did was take back out my Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 earbuds and let him listen to them, flipping the noise cancelling switch...and he literally lit up(though I think he more or less enjoyed the noise cancelling feature :P ). He told me that he didnt know earbuds could have so much bass( Thats mostly what he was into), I then proceeded to ask him if he could hear the singer well, and he nodded his head....Then we had a little conversation about headphone / earbud quality that hopefully made a little difference for the future....


*story over*

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