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How does the PS500 compare to the RS1 and HF2?

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I feel myself being drawn back into headphones again and am now curious about the PS500.


I've had both the RS1 and HF2 in the past (preferring the RS) so I know what they sound like.  Can someone provide a brief description of the PS500 using the aforementioned two cans as references?


Thanks a bunch.



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Could you explain why you preferred the RS1? Was it the "i" version?

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It was the older RS1.


To my recollection, I felt the RS was a bit ligher on its feet than the HF.  I think the HF was a bit warmer and thicker.  It was good, but I preferred the RS.


I also wasn't a fan of the thicker cable.  I realize the 1i's have that now (had one of those, too).  Had the GS1K, also, but they sounded so different than any other Grado I've had.  Those were also nice, but in a totally different way.  Comfort-wise, I think it's difficult to beat the GS1K.





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I just demoed the PS500's, comparing them to the RS-2i's and HD800's, as well as my other phones, which include the RS-1's of about 1998 vintage (though these later phones were from memory, since their in my office 500 miles away).  


IMO the PS500's are, perhaps, the best phones available (or close to it) - I prefer them to all the other phones I have / had (which include most of the good ones).  


But... they're like my RS-1's on steroids!  More bass, more mids, more highs, more soundstage... and... more detail and clarity (I think).  So... if you don't like a richer, warmer sound ymmv!  But... to me... they've "got it all."  


I'm thinking of picking up a pair... or... possibly the PS1000's, if they sound similar, but noticeably better.  Though, most of the comments I've seen suggest the PS500's may sound better.  I'm a bit concerned that the PS1000's may not have the rich mids and strong bass of the PS500's, because of the stadium pads.  Those pads seem to ruin the sound of the GS1000's, unless you're not into bass and mids (which don't come close to the RS-1's and PS500's).  


If I wasn't in to the richer, warmer sound of RS-1's / PS500's / "new version" HD650's / MD5000's / AD2000's / etc. - I'd get the Stax SR507's - superb phones with the SR323S - with a bit lighter sound than the Grados... and just great detail and clarity!

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I prefer the sound of the PS-1000 to that of the PS-500,but at about a third on the price,the 500 are without question,a hell of a bargain

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Stacker45:  I prefer the sound of the PS-1000 to that of the PS-500,but at about a third on the price,the 500 are without question,a hell of a bargain



Maybe you could expand on your comments?


Compared to the PS500's, do the PS1000's have a bit less bass slam, and somewhat less prominent mids?  That was my experience with the GS1000's compared to the RS-1's, because of the effects of the stadium pads.

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For me,PS-1000 do everything the 500 does and does it better,the bass is a bit deeper and better controlled,the mids sound very natural,as opposed to the very slightly chesty sounding mids of the 500,and to be honnest,some might even prefer the sound of voices through the 500,as it gives them a little heft and warmth,the 1000 highs are definately more extented with a little more air,and finally the 1000's soundstage is wider and deeper.


As far as comfort goes,the 1000 are very heavy,i have a small head,and i like to listen to music with my feet up and my head slightly tilted back,it took a while,but i finally found a way to ajust them so that they woudn't  fall off.The 500 are much lighter,altough i had and even harder time trying to ajust them,it's like they don't have much clamping force,i had the RS1i at the same time to compare,and found them to be very comfortable,but remember i weight 132 pounds and have a very small head,so this shouldn't be a problem for most peoples,by the way i also have small ''Grado ears'' so the L cush are no problem for me either.


In the end,it's all about the music,and,in the two weeks i've spent with the 500,i remember saying to my girlfriend that i'd never got ''lost'' in the music as i did with these headphones,i'm still trying to figure out what it was that made me feel like that,the only explanation i can come up with,is the fact that they sound very warm,with good bass extension,lush mids,and politely detailed highs,they never sound offensive,they're very easy to like.

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I have just received my vintage RS1 and everything I read makes me think the PS500 sounds just like it.


Like if they had brought back the bass, the smoothness of the frequency curve.


This is my most comfortable sounding Grado, never harsh. Bass is incredibly well controlled and dosed to. Never had so much bass on a Grado (but it's very good, and it's not TOO much, actually it's just like every Grado should benefit of having).


I hope I'm not going to start wanting a PS-1, becoming an addict to bass.


Grado definitely need to release an all metal HF-3 (they'll want to keep that a limited edition "secret" headphone) for 2400 dollars. I would buy three, for prosperity/posterity. I know a lot of Head-Fier who would also fork off all that money.

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I am actually trying to decide between the RS1i or the PS500 at the moment.

I am after something that has nice thick lush mids, good bass but still has some balls.

I am after something that is anything but thin but still has some energy to it.

Hopefully audition them soon, but nearest dealer is 200km away so quite a drive to listen to headphones for 30 mins :P

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