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Brainwavz M2 or M4?

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I will be using them for mainly movies also electronic and rock music.

I can get the M2 for $75 or the M4 for $79


I'm looking for a flat, clear sound similar to the Audio technica ATH M50... my current IEM are the Vsonic GR02 but i find them to be too muddy and dark sounding.


So which would you guys reccomend? M2 or M4?


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The M4 are better sounding with great bass response and overall very detailed, extended highs.
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I prefer the M4 over the M2. The sound signature is also more similar to the least relatively speaking. 

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How are the M4 for action, horror, comedy movies?

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Sorry, I don't use IEMs for movies and the like so I have no idea. Check out this similar thread although I disagree completely about what that one guy says about the M4s. 

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bump, anyone?

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If you haven't bought them yet, the M4 is selling on Amazon today for $28. I got the M2s last week for $35.

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