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Nervous about big purchase. Need experienced people (T5p vs ED8 and website help) - Page 2

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Have you received the T5p yet? 

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Sidestep question: Any T5p owner can tell me the feeling after 3 months of actual usage? I am so curious about the broken-in performance after period of usage.

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Where to buy:
Erik from RMC audio quoted me 1050$ for the ED8 and Nolan from pro audio star quoted me 950$ for the t5p (both prices include shipping)
I received them today and the box was pretty dented up and the headphones had a weird red powder on them so I'm led to believe they were opened before or the factory marked them or something.
I was also told I would receive overnight shipping but got 3 day shipping. I'm lucky because I only had a limited window of opportunity to receive them while I was down here in the US. If the shipping was any slower i might not have received them in time.
Also one of my shipping instructions was not met but that's less of an issue...
The pro audio star site also said free dtx 60 IEMs with purchase but I didn't get those either. Though, at a price of 950 this is forgiven.

Anyway, I'm sure people want to hear what I think of them. Keep the following things in mind:
These are my first high end headphones. I previously had the Bowers P5. I also have never auditioned any super high end systems (I'm dying to get a hold of some LCD 2s to listen to xP) or any good open ear pair for that matter. Since I'm very nomadic I've always been in the closed back headphones section xP
I'm basing certain comparisons on memory. Since I had to sell my P5 to get these I am not able to do a side by side review. Or even comparison but having listened to the P5 for several months for hours at a time (easily totalling over250 hours in an 8 month period) I have a very good idea of how they sounded.
Furthermore, as I mentioned before I'm very nomadic and don't have any dedicated home components to use these with. My current source gear is simply my tablet and iphone 4 (will definitely consider an external dac and amp in the future for these).
If you recall at the top of this post I only just received them and have been using them for maybe an hour or so?

They weigh a considerable amount but that is to be expected with such high quality components. Everything feels very sturdy and nice. The leather is sticky... I'm not sure if that has to do with the type of leather or age of the leather but my P5s did not stick like this. For example, the leather on the top will pull my hair while making headband adjustments. I never experienced this with my P5s.
They look very high quality and I would never be ashamed to wear these in public, though the look is plainer than the direct competitor, the Ultrasone Edition 8, which has a luxurious and very shiny look.
The cups do have some allowance so they swivel a bit, despite what the design looks like.

The cable is very thick which is a huge difference when I think back to my P5s that has a little spaghetti wire. One aspect I liked about the P5 as well as other headphones is the detachable cable which makes recabling or replacing much simpler while both the T5p and ed8 have non-detachable cables. I saw a mod for the ATH-M50 which added a sort of interconnect which would make the cables detachable. Would I try such a mod by myself with the T5p? Probably not,but more experienced users might try this.

I'm going to assume having the wires split to each cup individually has to do with sound quality... though single wires are much more preferable.

I'm going swimming now so my first impressions of the sound will have to wait. I'm in Florida, can you blame me for going swimming?
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Finally updated my Tesla T5p impressions - http://www.head-fi.org/products/beyerdynamic-t5p/reviews/6707


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