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Headphones as well equipped as sync by 50

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Ok so I want a pair of sync by 50 but, if you guys can tell me any headphones as well equipped then I might re-think.
So the syncs have these straight out of the box things:
-KLEER wireless dongle (small so they could still be wireless while walking)
-on-board controls of pause, volume up, and down
-no batteries needed because they have rechargeable batteries inside
-bass boost
-a chord to use when battery is dead for non-wireless use
-hard case
-wall plug in with cord to charge dongle and headphones
- last of all they blink on the s on the side I'm sorry but that is fricking awesome
so if you guys could help me out I would appreciate it
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Sorry one last thing if I buy them from manufacturer they will give 250 meals to feeding america
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I believe that what you are looking for is probably the Sennheiser MM 450.

-It uses bluetooth to receive music wirelessly.

-It has a lot of onboard controls; Including pause, volume up/down, skip forward/back, disable active noise cancellation.

-It contains a replaceable battery, which can be charged via USB or wall outlet.

-It will have even better than boosted bass ;3.

-It can function as a normal headphone when the battery dies.

-It has a pretty nice carrying case.

-Last but not least, it has cool, flashy lights on the side.


MM450: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-MM-450-Multimedia-Cancellation/dp/B002O03HHM

(The Sennheiser MM 450 is an on-ear headphone. If you desire an around-ear headphone, check out the MM 550!)

MM550: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-MM-550-Travel-Noise-Cancellation/dp/B003WV38GM


Here's a nice video about this can!



Just when you thought the Sync was crazy, Sennheiser had already taken care of everything in advance. Although I'm not sure about them feeding America, because Sennheiser is based in Germany. =P

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I have not demoed those sennheisers, however since you dont seem to care about sound quality (rather it isnt a priority) I guess I can comment.  


I agree with CaveManta 100%..the sync are pretty bad from what I have read/heard/videos viewed.  Seems like those senns are actually decent for that type of headphone, which really isnt too common.  


I suggest buying either of those senn models, and feeding some starving children yourself if you feel you must cool.gif

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Do the senns have a chord I can plug in to the headphones so I don't have to listen wireless
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Originally Posted by Skylme View Post
Do the senns have a chord I can plug in to the headphones so I don't have to listen wireless

Indeed they do, my good sir. As soon as you plug the supplied cord into the headphones, the bluetooth also deactivates automatically.

The active noise cancellation can also be turned on and off, unless you want to go with another version that is exactly the same but does not have active noise cancellation.



Basically, there are three models.

There is the Sennheiser MM550, which is larger and fits around your ear.

Then there is the Sennheiser MM450, which sits on top of your ear like a Beats solo.

And finally, there is the Sennheiser MM400, which is also like a Beats solo.


The 550 and 450 have active noise cancellation, while the 400 does not. But they have all of the same features otherwise. Oh, and the 400 is $200 cheaper. And it should have okay isolation.

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I just noticed that for today only, the PXC 310BT is on sale at a pretty great price at Amazon!  Might wanna jump on that.



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