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Firestone Cute Curve amp

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I spent a good part of this afternoon listening to the Firestone Cute Curve amp||Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (600Ohm) combination this afternoon, and I can say that I came away impressed by both components.  The amp had no problem driving the cans.  It sells for about $175 here in Jakarta.


Has anybody else played with, heard or owned the Cute Curve?  What would be the main competitors in this size, power and price points?

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Let me just add that the Firestone Cute Curve was the smallest and least expensive of the four amps Alvon at Jabben Indonesia offered me for auditioning, including the Snee Novo which couldn't keep up with the Firestone.

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No interest anyone?


Here's a headphone amp that can drive 600Ohm cans with aplomb for less than $200, and no one's heard of it?

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Ok, how about the Firestone Cute Beyond?  Anyone heard, played with or owned that one?

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Originally Posted by Mauricio View Post

Ok, how about the Firestone Cute Beyond?  Anyone heard, played with or owned that one?

Never heard of them but the Cute has some good reviews but who cares who owns the amp as long as your ears love the amp then let be it.


I would venture to say for less than 1k there is not much improvement among entry level SS amp.

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I have Cute Curve..

it's really good amp, and easy to combine with headphone and iem..

as long we can find good interconnect cable, and good source..

this amp can make the music feel good.. at least feel better..

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and anyone ever tried using cute curve combine with upgraded psu ?



and anyone ever tried to change the opamp inside cute curve ?


many resources said it will make big improvement..


I bought cute curve from jaben too, jakarta :)

and it's my first desktop amp, and love it..

if compared with nouvo, portable cmoy, govibe martini+, I still prefer cute curve.

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I've got the Cute Curve recently. I still prefer the phone out of my NAD receiver, but the CC sounds differently when I swap the PSU. I'll get a printer 30vdc or audiophile 24v PSU to try...


Next step will be op-amp rolling... The LM4562 maybe... Do you have one to suggest?

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Spent the last week with the Curve. Definitly don't like the included wall wart. Hopefully, you can try something else. I'm actually listening to it with my D2000, powered by an Acer 19V-2A power adapter... The result is amazing !


Amazing for the sound, but also because the D2000 and the PSU are out of spec for the Curve.


I've ordered an LME49860, a sort of LM4562... I still have to decide wich PSU I'll get as an upgrade...


Meanwhile, I'm very happy with it.

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Conclusions after a month of experimentation :


1. Forget about the included wallwart. I've tried half a dozen power adapters with the CC and they all sound better than the wallwart. I'm actually running it with 30V 900mA power adapter. Strangely enough, I can't hear much difference between 19V and 30V PSU with it...


2. I've replaced the OPA2604 by an LME49860. I like it better this way. It's clearer with more details.


Those two improvements bring it to the level of my NAD receiver. Still sounding a little different, but not worst certainly.


I keep it !

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If you don't like the included wall wart, then why not upgrade to a Firestone Supplier?  I have a Fubar IV Plus, a Bravo, and two Suppliers, and I'm quite pleased with all of them.

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Because the Supplier is 300mA, which could be a little short with my D2000.


Because a 30V PSU may be a plus with my DT990-600ohms (this I'll have to confirm).


Because I still can't convince myself that an audiophile PSU like the Supplier have an edge over a good standard PSU.


That being said, I'll probably test the CC with a bench variable PSU a soon as possible, to get this thing clear...

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Did you ever do the power supply experiment?

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