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For Sale: FS: Aude'ze LCD2

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For Sale:
FS: Aude'ze LCD2

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Up for sale my Audeze LCD2. They are a very late rev1, come out on March 2011. Selling because my headphone hobby doesn't warrant a home setup anymore.
They sound great and, compared to the Rev2, have lushier mids and more gentle top end, but still on the bright side from 9 kHz and up. Despite the shiney upper highs, they don't have any sibilance due to the subdued low-mid treble (5-7 kHz). The bass is a bit more than I was used to in the past, but very powerful and deep.
Compared to my other favourite orthodynamics, the Thunderpants (which I ended up selling to keep the LCD2), these have a much more believable soundstage given the open design (while Thunderpants are much closer to a IEM in this regard).
They are in perfect condition, they come with the frequency response graph, a bottle for wood cleaning (which I never needed to use up to this time), the wooden box.
They come with the original Mogami cable (flexible version), which in my opinion sounds better than the Norse Audio 8-wire I had, which I resold because it was too opaque sounding and overly bassy (but I admit it was beautiful to look at!!).
Price is 680 Euros + shipping. I would prefer Europe to avoid Paypal fees, but shipping worldwide can be discussed without any problems. Shipping will be tracked and made safe.
Thanks for looking
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Sent a pm.

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