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Headphone/cable properties?

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I'm about to build a good headphone extension using teflon/cat5 and neutrik plugs...

However I do not know what approach I should take. I can make the cable have high capacitance and low inductance or low capacitance and high inductance. I know for speakers, low inductance is desirable and capacitance shouldn't matter too much while for interconnects it is the other way. But, what is ideal for headphones?

Also, is it not desirable to mix the left and right channel signals in a braid?
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I would say go for the less capacitance method. I idealy you should try to have as little of both as possible, but if you have to have one I would thing having inductance would be less of a problem because of the compareably small current going through the cable.

As far as mixing the signals, don't. That's one of the reasons the blockhead is so awesome, because it keeps the signals complealy separate. If you braid them together you are going to get signal leakage due to capacitance and all these other nasty things.

But, because this the the wonderful world of DIY, do whatever sounds best to you. Experiment, have fun. Your opinion is the one that matters.

FYI: I have not made an extension like this before, the suggestions above are what make sense to me.
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