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Sennheiser IE8 Deal

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Could some more experienced Head-Fi'ers please check out this deal I have found on the Senn IE8s?




£95 including postage. Are these likely to be fake/broken? It says that they are factory returns (cosmetic box damage) and that they have never been used and they have holograms on the outside. Do you think it is a good idea to go for this? Or should I pay the full £200 on Amazon?


Many thanks,


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feedback 02-Feb-12 17:23, from buyer bh_1974

Follow up by bh_1974 (08-Feb-12 09:41):

I have since discovered that these Sennheiser phones are FAKES and not genuine!

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If its too good to be true its most likely fake. Amazing though the amount amount of people who pay almost 100 pounds and after that brainwash themselves into believing these are the real deal. 

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