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For Sale: Fischer Audio FA-011

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For Sale:
Fischer Audio FA-011

Will Ship To: US

Selling my FA-011s.  Now that I've got my D2000s and the EF-2, they just don't get any head time anymore.  They are the dark wood, straight cable version


I'm the original owner, purchased from Frogbeats October 2011.  They have roughly 200 hours on them.  No damage to the wood, though there are a couple small nicks in the pleather at the edges of the pads.  I tried to get pictures of them, but they didn't come out - needless to say, they're very small and don't go all the way through the material.


I'm including a 6 foot Monoprice Premium extension cable since it didn't come with one and the cord is really short.  I'll also throw in the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter that Frogbeats included (not pictured).


Price is $115 shipped to the US.  Send money as a gift or add 3% for Paypal fees.

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Pending Sale

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