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Shure E2C Re-cabling

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Okay so like most people with the e2c. Mine have died finally got around to re-cabling them since I do like them and too poor to buy a new pair so after scrouging around for info, I found that there isn't much on a comprehensive guide out for newbies like me. 


So firstly. I have ordered 28AWG 19strand silver cables mainly because larger sections harder to fit there ( thanks kwscore for this info) I ordered them from navships on ebay. cost me like 8 bucks shipped. 









Now to the fun part descontruction kinda worried about breaking them but after findleling with them for like 10 minutes they came undone. Here are some reference photos 


1. GluO6.jpg

I found it easier to split apart the shell by attacking it at the middle. 


2. IwHFc.jpg
I used a pocket knife and created enough space to wedge a pen cap into it. 


3. bHnhg.jpg

This is what it looks like popped apart. 




More to come waiting for the cable to come will update post when it arrives and please give me advice as I'm still researching this and figure it out for the first time. 




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Subscribed.  Best of luck to you.  Photograph everything so we can see!


I saw recently that navships also has 34awg wire.  I'm very curious about such a fine gauge because I own the 28awg (haven't used it yet though... but it's gonna happen when my connectors arrive) and while it's nice and thin, it doesn't seem as flexible as I would like.  But I think that's just me being weird; people recable IEMs with (what I think is) much thicker than 28awg.

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