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For Trade:
Looking a headfier from Thailand for mutual benefit for Jays Foam tips

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I have strange ears so iems stay in my ears only if i use foam tips. My favorite are Jays Foam Tips but i was informed by JAYS that they are now discontinued. I tried to buy some last stock from shops but they are all out of stock. was the last shop i knew they were selling them.


I found a shop in Thailand that still sells them but they dont ship in the United Kingdom. Therefore i am looking for a headfier that is interest in this tips as well and would like me to tell him the shop so we buy some of those tips and send me the tips i bought in the UK.

The price they sell them is really good as well. I think 5 usd per package but i dont know if its 5 pairs or 2 pairs per package.


If your a headfier from Thailand that doesnt want to buy the tips but would be interest in helping me i would be more than greatful and buy you a nice cup of coffee rolleyes.gif


Thanks in Advance!


EDIT: i guess this belongs to the parts-accessories part of the trade-forum. Sorry for this and i wouldnt mind if a mod moves it!

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