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Some photo of my MURAMASA VIII 


For sound quality i will rate it high compare to my other high end end game headphone like my SR009/R10/HD800 and more, lets be clear on this the MURAMASA VIII is not better than the SR009 nor R10 (bass light ver) in my opinion. However the mid and treble response and extension of the MURAMASA is where the points goes. Its silky smooth treble reminds me of Audio Technica house sound. But defiantly better treble response than ATH L3000 or W3000ANV where i own them both before. It have a bright tendency in my tease, mid-range is awesome but not as perfect as SR009, however the MURAMASA lack of bass quantity but deep bass extension (quality) is present in R10. But if you expect a super large soundstage then you better go get a AKG K1000 rather than any other headphone.This headphone come with a detachable 7N Cable terminated in 3pin balanced XLR (this is the original cable from Final audio) a 3pin XLR to 6.3 converter cable by Oyaide is also included in this sale for customer who dont have a balance amp. THE SETUP I USED TO PLAY WITH IT IS LUXMAN D08 SACD PLAYER -> LUXMAN P700U -> MURAMASA VIII 


I have SR009 with KGSSHV amp and SONY R10(Bass Light) / Forstex TH900 / Airbow modded HD800 / with Luxman P700U doing AB comparison and what i can say is it all have it own advantage against each other and they are all good headphone. 


Also worth to mention is this headphone weights 850g and is uncomfortable when you ware it for longer period of time.


In conclusion

Pros: When it comes to trible, muramasa's silky smooth treble is one of the best if not the best in the world in my opinion

Cons: little sound stage compare to other open back headphone like the HD800 / too damn heavy


btw is now in the headphone in the for sale section

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