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Why are we shouting?

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Why are we shouting?

I couldn't help it. - It was a warning....

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

I've been quiet about these because of FAD's wishes, since production was canceled and they were never actually "officially" released. FAD didn't want to sell any to the general public apparently, so of the handful that were produced, most of them were allocated for retailers to display as a promotional artifact (obviously not to promote the headphones themselves, but as a museum piece of FAD's history to promote the company).


Not sure how many other individual consumers ended up with one, but you could probably count it on one hand. EIther way, as silly as such a proposal may sound, in my view scrutinizing these headphones as headphones is close to pointless. For instance, there were some measurements posted on a Russian site. Giving them the benefit of the doubt as to whether they were legit, the difference in how I hear them is pretty significant, so there may very well be quite a bit of variation from one unit to the next. FAD spent a lot of time tuning each individual set, and it could be that those currently in the wild are closer to prototypes, points along a continuum of development. 


The fit of these headphones is by and large the worst of any I've ever worn. By a huge margin. This isn't simply something one can shrug off in my opinion, as not only does it cause a good deal of physical pain (not just mild discomfort... pain), it can make getting a proper fit difficult and thus further contribute to variances in impressions and measurements. Given the incredibly small sample size and the above issues, we'll probably never know how the Muramasa "should" sound. Which doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things I suppose, since it's not going to be marketed to folks and as such is something of a moot point. Still, I think there's some value in discussing it just as a work of art.


It also serves as an experiment, being Final's first foray into full-sized headphones. They've learned from it and seem to be responding accordingly with the upcoming Pandora.

I really agree with this.


I usually also explain to my friends that generally we can split headphones into 2 categories, for tool (usually coming from Beyerdynamic, Sennhesier, Grado) or for art (ATH do this very nicely). This Muramasa is definitely going to the art section! It's unique, fabulous, glamour, just like no other else.

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Their plan is to release Pandora III (open type) and IV (closed type) this June.  These two models are the entry level with all plastic construction.  What I've heard from last RMAF was that the entry level headphones would be priced at $250.

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$250 is a lot better than a head crushing $8000 headphone. Interested.

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Plastic ain't stainless steel.......

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

Plastic ain't stainless steel.......
Even better.
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More info from Jaben.


PANDORA X : Metal housing, 50mm DU + BA, Closed type
PANDORA VI : ABS housing, 50mm DU + BA, Closed type
PANDORA V : ABS housing, 50mm DU + BA, Open type
PANDORA IV : ABS housing, 50mm DU, Closed type
PANDORA III : ABS housing, 50mm DU, Open type

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I notice it's spelt PANDRA in the paperwork...

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Muppetface will be all over this.

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There they are:






(source: http://ameblo.jp/e-earphone/entry-11528593940.html)

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The REAL Pandora:-

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Had a chance to audition both the Pandoras today in the local AV convention.

FAD's CEO was there too. Something about him delivering the demo units personally.

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I now personal own one of the five prototype of the MURAMASA VIII and its awesome!

However i believe I will sale it soon to make my self some money XD

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